Friday, July 22, 2016

I Miss Japanese Flan!

       When I worked as a nurse in Japan, I sometimes worked on night shift. Frankly, I didn't like night shift because it was a very long hour work and always incredibly busy in my hospital ward even night time. Right before working on the night shift, I often purchased delicious flan at convenience stores nearby the hospital and kept it in refrigerator in a break room. When I was lucky enough to take a break during night, I could eat it as a midnight snack. When it was too busy, I enjoyed it after work anyway. It was special treat to me during busy work. :)  In Japan, flan is called purin (プリン) whose name is come from pudding. There are many kinds of flan selling at supermarkets and convenience stores in Japan. My favorite ones were coffee purin (コーヒープリン) and matcha purin (抹茶プリン) which had whipped cream on top. Because I live in the U.S. now, it's pretty hard to find Japanese style flan here. Since I moved to the U.S., I've made ones at home many times even though I've never done it in Japan. I'll share how to make creamy coffee flan with you next time.

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