Monday, November 20, 2017

Before and After - Entryway and Living Room Flooring (Porcelain Tiles and Luxury Vinyl Planks)

     As I mentioned in my previous entry, my husband and I worked on flooring renovation last month. We finally finished replacing old wall-to-wall carpet to new flooring in our entryway and living room. :)

Entryway Flooring
    Originally, when we purchased our home, it had ugly old wall-to-wall carpets in an entire home except for kitchen and bathrooms.  Because we are Japanese, we take off and put on shoes in an entryway. That's why we wanted to create a transition from outside the home to in. We decided to install new tiles which are durable and easier to clean. 

    We went to our local Lowe's to purchase porcelain tiles, which are more durable than ceramic.

     From our home, I brought a piece of vinyl plank sample which we would install in our home in order to choose tiles easier.

     We finally chose Del Conca Roman Stone Beige Porcelain Tile, which was designed and made in Italy.
Del Conca Roman Stone Beige Thru Body Porcelain Tile 12 x 12 inch

      He removed the ugly old carpet and got rid of the dust.

     Then he installed the tile underlayment, Schluter Systems Ditra Orange Plastic Waterproofing Tile Membrane.

Schluter Systems Ditra Orange Plastic Waterproofing Tile Membrane

     Then, he installed the beige porcelain tiles.

     It's a small entryway, but it's perfect enough for our small home. We can take off shoes here. We are really satisfied with our new entryway. :)  We placed a shoe storage here, and I will share the complete look with you after I finish decorating around this entryway. :) 

Living Room Flooring
     We wanted to replace old wall-to-wall carpet to new luxury vinyl planks in our living room just like we did in our hallway.   He also removed old carpet in our living room and found that there were some cracks in concrete subfloor. He repaired them before installing the underlayment, which reduces walking noise and keeps floors feeling warm.
FloorComfort 100-sq ft Premium 1.5mm Flooring Underlayment

     The luxury vinyl planks are the same products we had installed in our hallway.
Shaw 5.9-in x 48-in Resort Teak Locking Luxury Vinyl Plank

      Finally, we finished installing luxury vinyl planks in our living room! 

      Last week, we finally placed the Christmas tree in our new living room! As I mentioned in my previous year's entry, we had needed to place it in our second bedroom last year because we hadn't had enough space to place it in our living room at that time. We were glad that we could finish our flooring project for our living room before this Christmas.

     I decorated this beautiful dove ornament which we purchased at Loretto Chapel in Santa Fe last winter.

     We were sometimes surprised at how much our home has improved by looking back the first photo. :)

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