Friday, July 15, 2016

Before & After Painting - Fireplace and Entrance Door

      This week, I've been trying to paint cabinets, a fireplace and an entrance door in my home. It was really harder than I expected! I had never painted even walls before, so I didn't know how hard it would be. I watched many YouTube videos and read many articles related painting, and some people say painting is one of easy weekend D.I.Y projects. However, it was not easy for me at all especially sanding. It took me two days to sand all cabinets and etc. I eventually purchased a sanding machine for this project.
     Today, I finally finished painting a fireplace and an entrance door. :)

     This was the fireplace before painting. As you can see photo below, it was pretty outdated.
      This is the fireplace after third coat of paint. I will remove green masking tape tomorrow though. 
After Third Coat of Paint

       This was the entrance door after sanding. I forgot to take a photo of the original door, but it was also brown before sanding.
Entrance Door After Sanding
      This is the entrance door after third coat of paint. I also chose white paint because white is my favorite color. In addition, I think when walls and an entrance color are same, an entrance looks like wall, so it is perfect for my small condominium.
After Third Coat of Paint

     Changing color of the fireplace and entrance was fan after all. These look nice and fresh now. :) I need to paint more and more of cabinets. I think it will take me more time to finish painting those, but I should finish as soon as I can because I don't have enough space to put away my belongings without cabinets.   

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