Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Cold Brew Coffee Is Perfect for Busy Morning

     Since my husband and I moved into our home last weekend, we have been living with clutter. Our home is still cluttered with a lot of our belongings. :( I've been painting all cabinets, but those are not still ready, so I can't put away anything. Because our kitchen is also in the middle of renovation, he has bought coffee at Starbucks this week even though he used to make coffee at home every morning. I understand that it's pretty hard to make coffee here in busy morning. That's why I decided to make cold brew coffee last night. I can prepare cold brew coffee with French Press at night, and he can just pour it in his tumbler next morning. :)
     This morning, I also enjoyed my cold brew coffee with some sweets. Because it was brewed without a paper filter, the coffee had pure coffee oil, so it tasted smooth and rich. :) If you would like try cold brew coffee, you can check out my YouTube video, How to Make Cold Brew Coffee with French Press.

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