Thursday, July 14, 2016

Trader Joe's Kumato

        Last Saturday, I purchased these dark green and brown tomatoes, which are named kumatoes, at Trader Joe's. I saw these unique tomatoes are selling at many other American supermarkets, and I soon became interested in them.
       When I first saw "kumato", I thought it might be come from Japan because the name sounds like Japanese. Black is kuro (黒) in Japanese, so I thought kumato might stand for kuro tomato because its very dark like black. I also thought it might stand for Kumamoto tomato. Kumamoto (熊本) is one of the most famous prefectures in Japan now because of kumamon, which is a very popular local black bear mascot of Kumamoto prefecture. Now, kumamon is well known outside Japan too especially in Asian countries. Kumamon and kumato sound similar, right? However, I was totally wrong! Kumato is actually Spanish tomato, and Japan doesn't have one yet!
       As I mentioned in my yesterday's entry, I had kumato with my homemade Japanese curry yesterday. Kumato was very juicy and flavorful. :) Because I love vegetables, and tomato is my all-time most favorite vegetable, trying new tomatoes made me really happy. :)

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