Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Trader Joe's Pour-Over Coffee Brewer Review

      Last weekend, I found this Trader Joe's Pour-Over Coffee Brewer. On this package, it read, "the coffee is filtered, but with the rich taste of a French press." Since I am a coffee lover, I couldn't resist purchasing it! 
        It contained 20g (4 tablespoons) of Brazil medium dark roast coffee grounds. You can make 10 to 12 fl oz (300 to 360 ml) of coffee with it. According to the package, you can make 2 cups of coffee, depending on the preferred strength, but I thought that 12 fl oz of coffee is too small for two people (6 fl oz per person) as compared to that Starbucks Short size is 8 fl oz.   

      From the bottom of the package, you can see the coffee filter bag.  

      I removed the black cap, and opened the top of the pouch.

      The mouth of the pouch was very small, so I needed to be very careful to pour the hot water through the top of it. The package was pretty firm but very light, so I was afraid if it falls over by pouring hot water into it. 

      Close the zipper on top and wait for four minutes. Then, pour the coffee into the mug. The taste of coffee was pretty good! :) It's not as bold as coffee brewed with a French press, but it had rich coffee taste. This Trader Joe's Pour-Over Coffee Brewer was only $1.49. It's pretty affordable but not an ideal price if you brew coffee with it at home everyday. Just like Japanese drip coffee bags I mentioned in my previous entry, it's perfect for someone brews fresh coffee once in a while, or it might useful during camping or traveling.

      I uploaded this video, How to Brew Coffee with a Trader Joe's Pour-Over Coffee Brewer, on my YouTube Channel.

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