Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Japanese Drip Coffee Bags - UCC & KEY COFFEE

       As I mentioned in my previous entry, my husband purchased these two packages of Japanese drip coffee bags at supermarket when he was on business trip in Japan. Drip Coffee Bags have been common in Japan. Indeed, when we lived in Japan, we sometimes had them at home or during travel. These are not instant coffee. Each bag has fresh ground coffee and a holder. You can brew perfect coffee wherever if you have hot water and a cup, so these were cleverly made to make perfect brewed coffee very easily.

Japanese Drip Coffee Bags - UCC & KEY COFFEE
       There were many manufactures making drip coffee bags in Japan such as KEY COFFEE, UCC and Blendy. Personally, I prefer KEY COFFEE because I believe that their coffee aroma is the best. :)
        Right after opening this small package, you can notice perfect fresh coffee aroma. :))

       UCC is also very popular coffee brand in Japan. This tastes also good.

        I'm going to show how to brew coffee with Japanese drip coffee bag.

1. Open up the package.

2. Set the holder onto the cup. 
Japanese Drip Coffee Bags - UCC & KEY COFFEE

Japanese Drip Coffee Bags  - UCC & KEY COFFEE

3. Pour hot water into the bag.

4. Enjoy!
Japanese Drip Coffee Bags - UCC & KEY COFFEE

      I uploaded this video, How to Brew Coffee with Japanese Drip Coffee Bags, on my YouTube Channel. :)


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