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What I Purchased at Tokyo Haneda Airport - New Year's Japan Travel Day 7

Tokyo Haneda Airport

            My husband and I traveled Japan during New Year's holidays. After we stayed in Tokyo for five nights, we went to Haneda Airport Domestic Terminal to fly to Fukuoka, where is our home town.  Today, I'm going to share four products I purchased at Haneda Airport with you. 
Tokyo Haneda Airport

1. Shiseido Parlour La Ganache (資生堂パーラー  ラ・ガナッシュ)
17 pieces
1188 yen 
Shiseido Parlour La Ganache (資生堂パーラー  ラ・ガナッシュ)
        As I mentioned in my previous entry, 6 Popular Products form Shiseido Parlour Shop - Shiseido Parlour Ginza Tokyo (Shiseido Restaurants, Cafe and Confectionery Store), Shiseido is not only a Japanese cosmetic company, but they also have restaurants, cafe and confectionery stores in Japan. In 1902, Shiseido first started selling soda fountain and ice cream in Ginza, Tokyo. In 1928, they also started restaurant business, Shiseido Parlour (資生堂パーラー).
Shiseido Parlour
      At Haneda Airport, Shiseido Parlour was selling their popular cheese cake, cookies and chocolate. I finally purchased Shiseido Parlour La Ganache there. :)
Shiseido Parlour

Shiseido Parlour La Ganache
     The packaging was so cute! ;) I think that Shiseido Parlour's confectionery is a perfect delicious souvenir from Tokyo for female friends. Indeed, I enjoyed these with my Korean friend, and she didn't know that Shiseido is making these chocolate candies in Japan. ;)
Shiseido Parlour La Ganache

Shiseido Parlour La Ganache

Shiseido Parlour La Ganache

Shiseido Parlour La Ganache
      It had two kinds of chocolate candies, dark chocolate and white chocolate.  They were less sweet, and I really loved them. ;)
Shiseido Parlour La Ganache

2. Edo Matsuri Ningyo Yaki (江戸祭り 人形焼)
10 pieces
702 yen
Edo Matsuri Ningyo Yaki

        Ningyo yaki (人形焼) is a traditional small molded Japanese cake originated from Tokyo and is one of the most popular Tokyo's souvenirs. It has sweetened red bean pastes in it. In Tokyo, you can find ningyo yaki at most gift shops in sightseeing spots or at train stations and airports.   

Ningyo Yaki
       Because I love ningyo yaki so much, when we have a chance to visit Tokyo, we always purchase one. ;) Actually, he also purchased Edo Matsuri Ningyo Yaki at Haneda Airport before.
Ningyo Yaki
        The package has the picture of Tokyo Edo Festival. You can see people carrying a Japanese traditional mikoshi in this picture.
Ningyo Yaki

          Each ningyo yaki has different shape such as mikoshi (神輿), lanterns (提灯) and men carrying mikoshi.
      Mikoshi (神輿) is a portable Shinto shrine, which you can see during Japanese festival, matsuri (祭り). Edo (江戸) is former name of Tokyo. 
Edo Matsuri

Kanda Matsuri
        Kanda Matsuri (神田祭), Kanda Festival, is one of the three great Shinto festivals in Tokyo.

Sanja Matsuri
      Sanja Matsuri (三社祭), Sanja Festival, is a Shinto festival of Asakusa Shrine.

Man Carring Mikoshi

Ningyo Yaki

      You can eat them without cooking, but I toasted ningyo yaki with my Sharp Healsio Gurie, a Japanese highend toaster oven.
Sharp Healsio Gurie
       They turned out so delicious as if they were just freshly baked. If you love sweetened red bean paste, anko (あんこ), I think that you will like them. 
Ningyo Yaki

3. Tokyo Banana (東京ばな奈 「見ぃつけたっ」)
8 pieces
1029 yen
Tokyo Banana
        Tokyo Banana is also a very popular souvenir from Tokyo. It's fluffy sponge cake which has banana custard cream in it. I think everyone loves it regardless of race and age. We purchased Tokyo Banana for our family in Fukuoka. His three-year-old niece had one for her first time in her life and really loved it. ;)  
Tokyo Banana

4. Katsu Sand (カツサンド)
     Katsu Sand is a delicious Japanese sandwich, meat cutlet in between two slices of bread. In Japan, you can find katsu sand everywhere, but did you know that katsu sand originated in Tokyo in 1935?  We purchased some katsu sand for luch at Haneda Airport.

Kinsodori Katsu Sand (錦爽鶏 手作りカツサンド) : chicken cutlet sandwiches
650 yen
Chicken Katsu Sand, Chicken Cutlet Sandwiches
      These sandwiches were chicken katsu sand.
Chicken Katsu Sand, Chicken Cutlet Sandwiches

Hire Katsu Sand (ヒレカツサンド) from Yoshimi Sandwich Restaurant : pork fillet cutlet sandwiches
670 yen
Hire Katsu Sand, Tonkatsu Sandwiches
      Pork cutlet is called tonkatsu (とんかつ, 豚カツ) in Japan, and hire katsu (ヒレカツ) means pork fillet cutlet.
Hire Katsu Sand, Tonkatsu Sandwiches

       I also purchased this green tea, Ayataka (綾鷹). In Japan, I had many green tea and hojicha (roasted green tea). :)
Ayataka (綾鷹), green tea

      Then, we flew to Fukuoka Airport from Tokyo Haneda Airport. I'll write about it next time.

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