Friday, February 23, 2018

What I Got Loft and Tokyu Hands in Japan - Japan Haul

      Loft (ロフト) and Tokyu Hands (東急ハンズ) are Japanese department stores which carry a wide selection of stationary, home goods, beauty items and so on.

     When I lived in Osaka, I sometimes went to Umeda Loft (梅田ロフト) and Tokyu Hands Shinsaibashi branch (東急ハンズ 心斎橋店), and I remember that I purchased some unique kitchen items, window treatments and more there. I also purchased beautiful wedding stationary such as our wedding invitation cards and wedding program cards. :) My husband and I also attended their weekend Do-It-Yourself workshop at Tokyu Hands and made lavender aroma eye pillows which I really loved. Anyway, Loft and Tokyu Hands were my favorite stores when I lived in Japan because they have a massive selection of high quality items! If you are planning on visiting Japan, you should check these stores. I think you can find useful and high quality Japanese products there. If you are a girl, I also recommend you to go these stores because they have numerous beauty items, and many of them cannot be found at drugstores in Japan.

      Anyway, I purchased some items at Loft and Tokyu Hands during traveling in Tokyo this winter. Today, I'm going to share what I purchased there with you.      

1. Dishwasher Safe Chopsticks 食器洗浄機対応 素材まるごと木のお箸
5 pairs of chopsticks for 1200 yen at Loft
Dishwasher Safe Chopsticks
      I wanted to purchase some chopsticks made in Japan during our travel. These are made of natural bamboos and have wafu komon pattern (小紋), traditional Japanese small prints. Actually, I also purchased some Japanese chopsticks at other stores, but these ones I purchased at Loft were the highest quality. :) These chopsticks were made by Kawai Kabushikigaisha (カワイ株式会社), which is a Japanese company has been making chopsticks since in 1943.    
Dishwasher Safe Chopsticks

Dishwasher Safe Chopsticks

2. Kokuyo SAXA Scissors コクヨ サクサ グルーレス刃 ハサミ
486 yen at Tokyu Hands
Kokuyo Scissors Saxa Glueless Blade Hasa-P280Y
       At Tokyu Hands, there were many Japanese scissors we could choose from. I finally chose these scissors, Kokuyo SAXA Glueless Blade Scissors, because it read that the blades won't be sticky even after cutting tapes. By the way, Kokuyo is the largest Japanese stationary company and they have been making stationary products in Japan since 1905.
Kokuyo Scissors Saxa Glueless Blade Hasa-P280Y
     The scissors were very affordable and look nothing special, but when I first used them, I was impressed at how easy it was to cut papers with these scissors. :)
Kokuyo Scissors Saxa Glueless Blade Hasa-P280Y

3. Marna Osakana Sponge for Bathroom Cleaning マーナおさかなスポンジお風呂用
371 yen at Loft
Marna Osakana Sponge for Bathroom Cleaning
     I love products of Marna very much, so when I went to Loft and Tokyu Hands, I looked for Marna cleaning products. This is Marna Osakana Sponge for cleaning bathroom. As I mentioned in my previous entry, I also have Marana Osakana Sponge Long for cleaning dishes, but this one is larger in order to scrub a bathtub easily.
Marna Osakana Sponge for Bathroom Cleaning
    By the way, Osakana means fish in Japanese.
Marna Osakana Sponge for Bathroom Cleaning

4. Marna Faucet Cleaning Wipes マーナ蛇口まわりの水垢落とし
Two wipes for 400 yen at Loft
Marna Wipes for Cleaning Faucet
      I purchased Marna Faucet Cleaning Wipes at Loft. You can remove hard water stains with it easily.
Marna Wipes for Cleaning Faucet

5. Marna Squeegee for Bathroom マーナ お風呂のスキージー
980 yen at Loft
Marna Squeegee for Bathroom
      This is Marna Squeegee for bathroom. After taking shower, I use this squeegee to get rid of water and quickly wipe up walls with towels. I think it's the easiest way to keep shower room clean.  

6. Saborino サボリーノ
Facial Sheet Mask
Mixed Berry Scent (Extra Moist)
5 Sheets
420 yen at Loft
        As I mentioned in my previous entry, I purchased this Saborino Mix Berry Scent (5-Sheet Pack) at Loft, and I used it up while I was traveling Japan. It's an all-in-one facial sheet mask (cleanser + moisturizer + makeup primer) for busy morning. Actually, I loved it so much. I loved that I could finish my morning skincare in 60 seconds, and it kept my skin well hydrated all day long. I eventually purchased the full size of Saborino (32-Sheet Pack) after coming back to the U.S. from Japan. (Yes, I should have purchased it in Japan because it's less expensive there!)

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