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Top 10 Products You Should Buy at Daiso

      Last week, my husband and I went to Daiso, a Japanese 100 yen shop, and purchased a few products there. Because I grew up in Japan, I am familiar with Daiso. That's why I know that what I should or should not buy there. In Southern California, Daiso sells most products for $1.58. It seems like all products are bargain. Yes, they are, but some of them are not good quality. For those who have never lived in Japan, it is not easy to find really good products there. I'm going to share what to buy at Daiso with you.

     1. Foaming Net

     This foaming net is used to create lather with a tiny amount of facial cleanser. If you are girl, you really should try it. You will be surprised how easy it is. I always buy one at Daiso.

   2. Nylon Bath Wash Towel

     The nylon body towel makes it easy to create lather with little body soap, and you can scrub your body. There are many kinds of nylon body wash towels at Daiso. You can find what you prefer. If you have never used those towels, I recommend you to choose softer one.

   3. Cleaning Brush

     They sell many kinds of cleaning brush, so you can find what you need. When I wash small slim container, I use cleaning brush which I bought at Daiso.

     4. Dishwashing Sponge

     They sell dishwashing sponge at very reasonable price, and those work well.

     5. Clean Magic Eraser Sponge

       I think these are bargain. It is not easy to find these at this price at any other store.

     6. Chopsticks

      There are many chopsticks with interesting design. Just keep in mind not to wash in the dishwasher.

     7. Eraser

      Japanese eraser is very well made. Especially, these erasers, which are Matomaru (まとまる) and Mono (モノ), are ones I used to use when I was child, and most Japanese people probably have used them before. I seriously believe that these are the best eraser in the world! These prices are just right even though these are imported. However, I don't recommend eraser with very cute figures, such as sushi and animal figures, because they are just cute but don't provide the best performance.

     8. Fake Eyelashes

     Personally, I don't wear fake eyelashes. However, if I wear fake eyelashes, I will definitely buy them at Daiso. It's because my Japanese friends told me that these are just as good as high-end ones. Indeed, these have many positive reviews on Japanese beauty review site as well. My friend recommends Daiso fake eyelashes with pink package.(See upper photo.) However, she said that their fake eyelashes glue is not good, so you should probably buy glue at other stores.

     9. Japanese Candy

     Daiso sell many kinds of Japanese candies, and I recommend Hi-Chew. This is pretty known in the U.S. now though. There are many other kinds of candies as well, so it is good to try ones which are new for you because it's only $1.58. My husband bought brown sugar candies that time.

     10. Hemming Tape

       It costs a lot of money when you get the hem of the pants taken up. You can do that on your own with using this if you own an iron. My husband bought this that time.

      This is my Daiso entry.

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