Thursday, January 21, 2016

How to Brew Coffee with Bodum Pour Over Coffee Maker

      These days, I have brewed coffee with Bodum Pour Over Coffee Maker every morning. This coffee maker has the permanent stainless steel mesh filter, which allows oils in the coffee beans to come through, so you can enjoy pure and rich coffee taste. Compared to French Press, brewing coffee with this coffee maker is not very simple. It's very important to know that how much hot water you pour at a time. If you pour excessive hot water, the coffee will taste like water. It's because water easily come through stainless mesh filter compared to paper filter. However, once you brew coffee the right way, you can enjoy an excellent cup of coffee with natural coffee oil. :) I'm going to share with you how to brew coffee with it.
How to Brew Coffee with Bodum Pour Over Coffee Maker

     I uploaded this video, How to Brew Coffee with Bodum Pour Over Coffee Maker. :)

1. Grind coffee beans. Ideal grounds are medium coarse. Use ration of 7g (1 rounded tbs) of coffee beans to 125 ml (4oz) of hot water. I usually use 40g of coffee beans for 700 ml of coffee.

2. Set the stainless mesh cone filter.

3. Fill the cone with fresh grounds.

4. Pour hot water, only enough to saturate the grounds initially. Then, wait for 30 seconds.

5. Slowly pour hot water in circular motion over the grounds. The water level should be just slightly above the grounds. Be sure not to pour too much hot water. Repeat this step several times.

6. Remove the filter.

7. Insert the lid. (I don't usually use the lid though.)

8. Pour freshly brewed coffee into mugs.

9. Enjoy!

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