Friday, July 29, 2016

Yoshinoya Frozen Beef Bowl

     Last weekend, I purchased this Yoshinoya Frozen Beef Bowl. As I often mentioned in my previous entries, this frozen beef bowl has so many positive reviews on Amazon Japan, and I love it very much because it tastes just like beef bowl Yoshinoya restaurants serve. :) If you love Japanese beef bowl, you really should try this! It's usually $3.99 (The regular price in the U.S. is cheaper than one in Japan!), and it is sometimes on sale for $2.99 at Japanese supermarket. Because it was $2.99 at Seiwa, a Japanese supermarket in Costa Mesa, last week, I purchased two frozen beef bowls without a second thought! I couldn't miss out on this deal! :) 

      Yesterday, I had Youshinoya Beef Bowl for dinner. I forgot to buy shredded red gingers, which are perfect with beef bowl and called kizami syoga (刻み生姜) or beni syoga (紅生姜) in Japan. However, the beef bowl was as perfect as I expected. :)

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