Thursday, October 31, 2013

Our Halloween Pumpkin Carving in 2013

     Tonight, my husband and I made jack-o'-lanterns. We bought these pretty big pumpkins with bright orange color at Trader Joe's last Sunday and were looking for free carving stencil patterns, which would be perfect for our pumpkins, on Internet this week.

     We both finally decided ghost tree patterns. This year, I chose easier one than what I made last year because I still have a cold. :P This is my jack-o'-lantern in 2013.

     This jack-o'-lantern was made by my husband. I was impressed by how well he made it!

      After illuminating our carved pumpkins, the sweet pumpkin aroma filled our room. :)

    Aren't they scary?

     We enjoyed our pumpkin carving this year. I'm going to share with you how I made our jack-o'-lantern next time. :)

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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

What I Got at a 300yen Shop in Japan - 3COINS Haul 

     You may know a Japanese 100 yen shop, such as Daiso. I like shopping at Daiso, but I also like a Japanese 300 yen shop, such as 3COINS. While Daiso targets different age and gender group, 3COINS targets young women. Moreover, the quality of 3COINS' products is much better than Daiso.

     While I was in Japan a month ago, I went to 3COINS to see what they were selling. They have many accessories just as same as Lattice does and more products. I'm going to share with you what I got at 3COINS.

     I bought these sunglasses. I didn't plan to purchase these at first because these were too inexpensive. I just tried them on and was surprised that these fit my face perfectly and very stylish. It read these sunglasses protect against over 99% of UV rays. The quality of the material didn't impress me at all but it couldn't be helped because of only 300yen. Regardless of price, it is difficult for me to find perfect shape of sunglasses in the U.S. That's why I decided to buy them. After coming back to the U.S., I always use them and love them so much.

     I also purchased this scarf holder because I have a lot of scarves and was always looking for one to organize them.

     After coming back to the U.S., I put away my scarves. However, I didn't like it because it is not easy to see all my scarves... I gave it away to my husband as his new tie holder. :) He told me that it was no problem.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Japanese Porcelain Wares - Arita-yaki

Arita Yaki

    It is a custom in Japan that a bride and groom give gifts to guests during their wedding reception party. When my husband and I attended brother-in-law's wedding reception party in Japan, we received a wedding gift catalog. There were many products from which we were able to choose on the catalog, and I finally chose five bowls of Arita-yaki, which is Japanese porcelain wares made in Arita, Japan. It's because it is not easy for me to get authentic Japanese porcelain wares in the U.S. and usually is very expensive here. In addition, when I serve Japanese foods with these, it looks very professional and makes me happy. :) I believe it is essential to stick to plate wares because we use them almost every day.
Arita Yaki

    I like the fact that Arita-yaki is colored porcelain with cobalt blue, red and gold. My Arita-yaki has very beautiful flower paints. It looks very gorgeous. :)

Arita Yaki

Arita Yaki

     My Arita-yaki has a small red flower paint on the bottom of the bowl.
Arita Yaki

     Each Arita-yaki has a print, "有田焼", to authenticate the porcelain ware.
Arita Yaki

      In Japan, there are many different porcelain wares, such as Arita-yaki. These are pretty heavy, but I recommend you to get authentic Japanese porcelain wares if you travel to Japan. I'm going to share with you my Japanese table wares next time.

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Monday, October 28, 2013

I Still Have a Cough

     I still have a cough with green sputum, but I fortunately don't have high fever. Today, I have been drinking plenty of water to moisturize inside of my body in order to cough up sputum easily. I hope I will recover soon.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

I Have a Cold

     I had sore throat yesterday morning and have a cough with green sputum today. I have taken cold medicine throughout the day. This medicine has many good reviews but didn't work for me. As it directed, I took two tablets every 15 minutes for two hours and took two tablets every hour. Because I needed to take this medicine very frequently, I drank plenty of water, which is good for my health though.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Getting Pumpkins for Halloween

     My husband and I went to our local Trader Joe's to purchase pumpkins in order to make jack-o'-lanterns for Halloween. These were pretty big orange pumpkins, which were on sale for $2.99 each. :) I haven't decided yet what face I will make for a jack-o'-lantern. We are going to carve our pumpkins next week. :)

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Friday, October 25, 2013

What I Got at a Drug Store in Japan - Drug Store Haul

     When I was in Japan, I bought some stuff at a drug store. All of them are difficult to find in the U.S. or more expensive than in Japan. I'm going to share with you what I got there.

     I bought this laundry liquid, Emarl. This is for delicate clothing. This was around 250 yen.
Emarl 250 yen

     I have been using this Softymo Cleansing Oil for long time. I bought only one because I still have some in stock at my home. This is selling $14 at Amazon in the U.S., but I bought this for around 300 yen which is equivalent to $3.
Softymo Cleansing Oil 300 yen

     I bought this sunscreen, Nivea Sun Protect Water Gel, for around 600 yen. This is selling at Amazon for $16. I prefer Japanese sunscreen to U.S. one.
Nivea Sun Protect Water Gel 600 yen

    I bought So1elys Clearwhip, a face cleansing product, for my first time. This was around 300 yen.
So1elys Clearwhip 300 yen

     I was looking for this Shiseido Eyelash Curler refill pads in Japan. I finally found one! This was only 89 yen, which is equivalent to less than $1 for two refill pads. :) I have been using my Shiseido eyelash curler for so many years, and as I mentioned in my previous entry, I think Shiseido one is the best eyelash curler ever. :) The refill pad perfectly fit mine and works as great as a brand-new eyelash curler now.
Shiseido Eyelash Curler Refill Pads 89 yen

Thursday, October 24, 2013


     I have been suffering from headache all day long today. I'll go to bed soon.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Inaba Thai Curry

     Before going to Japan last month, I watched this Youtube video. He reviewed cans of Thai curry which are Inaba Thai Curry. According to him, this product is pretty popular on Youtube, so many people have updated positive review on this curry on their Youtube videos.

     That's why I tried to find these curry cans while I was in Japan. Some stores were selling it for 180 yen or so, but I bought them for 150 yen each at a supermarket. I was only able to find two kinds of curry, red curry and green curry. Instant curry is very popular in Japan, but I had never seen curry cans before. Instant curry is usually packed with retort pouch. That's why I was very excited to try them.

     Inaba Thai Curry is product of famous Japanese food company but was made in Thailand. I think they tried to make it sounds more authentic.

     First, my husband and I tried this red curry.

     It was good but tasted sweeter than I thought.

     Then, we tried this green curry.

     This was also good and little bit spicy which I like.

     Both tasted good, but I think I won't purchase them again. These are inexpensive but also too small. Besides that, there are so many Thai restaurants in Southern California and it's easy to have Thai curry at reasonable price. However, if I were living in Japan, I would purchase them because it is not easy to find Thai restaurants in my home town unlike U.S.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

What I Got at a Supermarket in Japan - Haul

     When I was in Japan, I bought a lot of Japanese condiments at a supermarket. Although these are slightly expensive in the U.S., most of them are available for purchase at a Japanese supermarket here. Because I had a lot of free space in my suitcases then, I bought whatever I want. :) I'm going to share with you what I got there.

     My husband and I often eat miso soup, I bought six packages of instant miso soup. These are very easy to make miso soup. All I need to do is to just add hot water, but I usually add extra seaweeds and sliced green onion to make more nutritious.

     I bought some curry stuff. Bon Curry, famous Japanese instant curry, is ready to eat by just heating it up. :) Torokeru Curry is curry roux, which is used to make Japanese curry. I bought cans of curry for my first time. These are Thai curry made by Japanese food company. Before purchasing them, I watched this curry's review video on Youtube.

     I bought some dried seaweed. I will use them for miso soup mostly.

     Instant dashi is very useful when you make Japanese foods.

     I bought potato starch, flour for tempura, and flour for okonomiyaki.

      My husband and I sometimes eat steak, so I bought grilled meat sauce. When I was little, I love yakiniku, Japanese style grilled meat. These reminds me my childhood.

     I bought some dried bonito. I will use them for hiyayakko, cold tofu.

     I bought Japanese instant tonkotsu ramen. When I visit to Japan, I eat tonkotsu ramen because the hardness of noodles in Japan is very different from ones in the U.S. Japanese ramen restaurants serve noodles but they are too soft for me. I might be picky when it comes to ramen.

     I bought some furikake, a dry Japanese condiment for rice. When I am hungry, I will make rice ball with furikake.

     I bought miso, sauce for okonomiyaki, and ground-up sesame seeds.

     I bought barley tea bags. Japanese people usually drink barley tea at home everyday instead of water. It is caffeine free, so I can drink it anytime. :)

     I bought some Japanese bread. I think Japanese bread is very different from the ones in the U.S. It is softer and little bit sweeter. As soon as I arrived at home from Japan, I put them in my refrigerator.

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