Monday, July 25, 2016

Takuan, Takuwan - Traditional Japanese Pickles

    Yesterday, I had a sample of takuan, which is also called takuwan, at Seiwa, a Japanese supermarket in Costa Mesa, and I decided to purchase it. :)  Takuan (沢庵, たくあん, たくわん) is a traditional Japanese pickle made from daikon, Japanese radish. When I was child, my late grandmother used to pickle Japanese radishes and make takuan from scratch (My family also grew Japanese radishes in winter.), and I used to eat homemade takuan almost every day all year around. It's perfect with steamed rice. :) If you have ever gone to Japan and had traditional Japanese breakfast there, you've probably seen it. Takuan is also used for oshinkomaki (お新香巻), a kind of hosomaki (細巻), a thin sushi roll, filled with takuan.

     Takuan is slightly sweet and salty but tastes too Japanese, so I am not sure if you like it or not. I love takuan, but I don't think everyone loves it. Only if you are very interested in Japanese foods, you should try it. :)  

     When you buy takuan, you need to prepare it before eating it.
Takuan, traditional Japanese pickles
     First, open the package. Then rinse it lightly (You can skip this step). Cut them as you like.
Takuan, traditional Japanese pickles

Takuan, traditional Japanese pickles
    Enjoy with steamed rice! :)
Takuan, traditional Japanese pickles

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