Friday, November 30, 2012

30-day Challenges

Today, I watched the video, Try Something New for 30 Days by Matt Cutts, and I was inspired by his speech.

A year ago, I made my goal which was continuing writing in English everyday for at least a year. Finally, I was able to achieve my goal and got many benefits from my challenge. I realized through my achievement that continuing something everyday is worthwhile of our life. After watching his speech, I thought that trying something new for 30 days is a good idea! It's because the length of time of 30 days is not too long for anyone! As I mentioned before, I need to exercise on a regular basis because of my back pain. So, I want to try 30-day challenges for my exercise. I haven't decided what I was going to do, but I will share my goal within few days for sure. :)

Thursday, November 29, 2012

David Choi - Missing Piece

Recently, I have been listening to songs by David Choi. I'm obsessed with his songs. :) While I'm doing home chores, I enjoy listening to the songs. The songs make my housework more enjoyable.
The song, Missing Piece, is used as a back ground music on Chriselle Lim's Youtube video. :)

David Choi / Missing Piece


I feel like a boat without a sailor
I go where the wind blows
Just moving around like a lonesome stranger 

I got no home

In search of a treasure
Some place I don’t know
It feels like forever
I’m making my way
Through the hills and deserts
I thirst for hope

I don’t know
What I’m looking for
But I’ll know
When I find it

There is a missing beat
Inside of me
The rhythm of my heart
Hits unevenly
There’s a missing piece
Inside of me

Trying to figure it out
But it amounts to nothing
I want to realize

But nothing I find
Ever feels like the real thing
Can you empathize?

I don’t know
What I’m looking for
But I’ll know
When I find it

There is a missing beat
Inside of me
The rhythm of my heart
Hits unevenly
There’s a missing piece
Inside of me

I’m lost inside
A cold bitter world
I can’t understand the need
It’s makes it so hard to breathe

There is a missing beat
Inside of me
The rhythm of my heart
Hits unevenly
There’s a missing piece
Inside of me

   Today's Vocabulary
lonesome : adjective / 独りで寂しい、心細い、孤立した
・ unevenly : adverb / 不規則に
・ amount to : 結局~(ということ[意味])になる、要するに~ということになる、~を意味する
empathize : verb / 〔自分も同じような経験をしたことがあるので〕他人の気持ち[感情]を理解できる、共感する
     ex) empathize with ~に感情移入する、~に共感する 
     ex) empathize with a patient 患者に共感する 
     ex) empathize with others 人に共感する

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

What I Got on Black Friday in 2012

I bought some products with a great deal at Kohl's online on Black Friday. 

I ordered this Food Network Enamel Cast Iron Dutch Oven, which was originally $99.99, but it was on sale for $59.99. In addition, they offered $20 rebate. :)

This Bella Rotating Waffle Maker was originally $39.99, but this was on sale for $19.99. In addition, they offered $10 rebate. :) 
 My sister requested me to buy a watch for her because I had bought some watches with an incredibly great deal from Kohl's before. Before ordering this watch, my husband and I went to Kohl's store and found this adorable watch! After going back home, I ordered them online. Actually, I bought one for my sister and me because I wanted the same one! haha! :)   This watch was originally $39.99, but it was on sale for $17.99. :)

I also ordered this Madison Park Catalina 4-pc. Duvet Cover Set. This was originally $229.99, but it was on sale for $114.99. I like simple color and was always looking for white bed cover. I think a bed accounts for majority of the bedroom, which is why its color is important. White color fits the carpet and wall color. In order to make the bedroom feel more spacious, I believe white color is the best choice.  This was perfect for my preference!

In addition, I purchased a black long sleeve shirt for my husband. It was originally $20.00, but it was on sale for $7.99.

In addition, Kohl's offered 15% off from entire purchase because of Black Friday's Sale. Total retail price was $469.95, but I ended up paying $203.10 plus tax. Kohl's offered $15 cash coupon with every $50 purchase, so I got a $60 cash back coupon with my entire purchase. Furthermore, I ordered these through offered 10% off cash back, so I'm going to get a $20.31 check from them. :) Then, I'm going to get $30 rebate from purchasing a cast iron dutch oven and a waffle maker. After considering all the rebates, the entire purchase will end up $92.79! It comes out to 81% off! That was a great deal! :) I should stop shopping. haha. However, I have to use my $60 Kohl's cash coupon within six days.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

I Strained My Back Again

I still have a back pain. It's been a month since I strained my back to a point where I became immobile. After that day, I stretched and exercised almost everyday. However, I haven't done it for a week because of holiday. No, actually it's because of my laziness. Last Wednesday, I used hot pack, and it worked very well. Usually, you shouldn't use hot pack during acute phase. It's because during acute phase, you have an inflammation in your back. If you heat up your back during this phase, it leads to further inflammation and can increase pain. However, it's been a month since I strained my back, so my case has already become chronic phase. It's a good idea to use hot pack during chronic phase because warming up brings more blood flow and releases muscle tension as well. Which means it will improve your recovery and release your pain. That's why I tried hot pack. It worked very well, and I didn't feel pain while using it. Then, I stopped exercising again even though I understood how serious I need to exercise regular basis. :P Two days ago, I strained my back again and feel hopeless now. I don't think my back can sustain for many years if I keep avoiding exercise. If my length of life is 50 years more, I need to maintain my back to last longer. Now, I need to tolerate my pain when I sit on chairs and walk with my heavy bag to my class. Anyway, all I can do for it now is only exercise for strengthening my muscle.

   Today's Vocabulary
・ have an inflammation in : ~に炎症を起こしている 
・ heat up : phrasal verb /  温める 
・ bring more blood flow : 〔主語によって〕血液の流れが良くなる 
・ release muscle tension : 筋肉の緊張を解き放つ 

Monday, November 26, 2012

Need a Great Deal of Effort

Today, my writing teacher taught us about the proper procedure of ESL writing class. Students in my class are basically required to finish the same class next semester in order to go up next level. She told us even when students ask her for permission to go up a level, she doesn't allow them because she doesn't have authority to do it. In order to skip that class, we must take ESL assessment test, which I took few weeks ago, and must pass it because there is no another choice. She told us the writing assessment test is evaluated on one-to-six scale. If your writing assessment score is five or six, you can go up a level. She told us getting six score is way too difficult for our level, and next level's class is much harder than current class. I was lucky to pass the exam, but I'm afraid to go next level because keeping up with next class must be hard for me. However, I've already decided to take that class, so I need a great deal of effort and commitment for it next year!

 Today's Vocabulary
authority : noun / 〔付与された〕権限、職権
     ex) We don't have authority to compromise a civil tax claim. : われわれには納税請求を示談にする権限はない。 
・ commitment : noun / 献身、深い関与

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Our Roast Turkey in 2012

Last Friday night, my friend, my husband and I cooked a roast turkey for Thanksgiving Day. Last Tuesday, we bought 12lb of a frozen turkey, which was about $7 at Ralphs.

On Thursday, we soaked the turkey in salt and sugar water. Then we let the turkey sit overnight in the refrigerator. On Friday, we filled stuffing into the turkey and rubbed grind garlic and onion, salt, pepper and oil on the surface of the turkey.

We roasted the turkey for five hours or so. Every thirty minutes, we poured the broth onto the turkey in order to keep the turkey moist until it completely cooked. 

The taste of the turkey was as good as one in last year. :) Even though we have a lot of left over, we can enjoy sandwich, au gratin and Japanese curry with them for a while. :)

      This is my entries related to my favorite recipe.

      This is my entries related to cooking.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Black Friday

Last night, I went to Irvine Spectrum Center to see Black Friday sale. I had never gone to a mall at midnight on Black Friday because I wanted to avoid crowded area. However, I tried it for the first time this year. At 1:30 a.m., the parking lot was almost full and the mall was very crowded. Most people looked like teenagers or 20s. Many people were waiting in long lines at front of the entrances of H&M, Hollister and Urban Outfitters to enter these stores. The line seemed like it wasn't moving and I didn't want to wait long at this time of the day, so I passed shopping there. Some stores didn't have long lines outside. However, inside the stores were very crowded, and there were long lines to check out.  Once I saw the long line at the register, I thought no way that I would shop there. My husband bought an iPad and an outerwear. I went to Forever 21, but Most clothing was not on sale, so I didn't buy any thing.

When I came back home from shopping, it was at 3 a.m. We were very tired and sleepy. By the way, I had bought something online before Black Friday. :) Shopping online at home is much easier than shopping at a mall on Black Friday.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanksgiving Dinner

Yesterday my husband and I were invited to my friend's house to have thanksgiving dinner. My husband made Japanese sushi which is called chirashi zushi, and I baked a chocolate cake and took these to her house.

My friend prepared many foods such as a roast turkey, fried squash, pumpkin soup, red bean rice, steamed vegetable and sweet rice drink. She cooked turkey for the first time yesterday. She told me she didn't refer to any recipe and was never taught how to roast a turkey. She cooked it with her own instinct. I was very impressed. I have roasted turkeys four times and always had to check the recipe while cooking. We enjoyed talking and eating with her family, which is consisted with herself, her husband, and two sons, and two home-stay girls. Her husband's birthday is October, so we celebrated his birthday as well. We sung happy birthday, and her younger son entertained us with playing trumpet. Her older son looked very tired and too skinny but was always nice to us. He has been hospitalized a week ago because of a surgery of spontaneous pneumothorax. He was doing labored breath. Because he needed to be skip school for a week, now he needs to catch up with all the arduous school works. After while, he went back to his room to do assignments.
We enjoyed Thanksgiving dinner at her house for five hours. After coming back home, we headed toward a mall to enjoy Black Friday sale.    

 Today's Vocabulary
・ one's own instinct : 自らの本能、自らの直感

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Peruvian Restaurant

Yesterday, my friend, my husband and I went to a Peruvian restaurant to celebrate my blog's first anniversary. I like Peruvian cuisine very much. :)

We chose ceviche as an appetizer. This was marinade with some seafood which were shrimp, squid and white fish and some vegetable which were onion, lettuce, potato, and corn. I liked the fact that it tasted sour with lemon juice, and raw fish was fresh. 

 My friend ordered Ajaco de Camarones. It tasted like my grandmother's curry. :)

My husband ordered Cabrito Norteno, which was lamb stewed. The lamb was very tender and it melted in my mouth.

I chose Arroz con Mariscos, which is Peruvian paella. This is my favorite menu, and I always order this whenever I go there.

Because we were full after eating appetizer, we took most of these home as left overs. These became my lunch today. Unlike most restaurants in Japan, restaurants in the U.S. allow customers to take left overs home. Thus, I don't have to eat too much and enjoy the left overs at home. That makes me happy and don't have to feel guilty with not being able to finish at the restaurant. People in the U.S. can prevent to waste food even though we use a lot of plastic boxes.

Inka mama's

   Today's Vocabulary
・ melt in the one's mouth : 口の中でとろける、特別においしい

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

It's a Piece of Cake!

Today, I finally reached my goal which was continuing my blog everyday at least for a year. Yay!

Looking back over a year ago, I struggled with writing in English. Even though I got pretty good scores on my grammar tests, I found it difficult to write in English. Because I didn't use English at home, I didn't think in English at many daily situations. That's why I didn't know how to express in English out of school. Since I started my daily blog, I have been making mistakes. However, I could learn many things from my mistakes. Because I needed to review my day while I was writing my blog, I had a chance to think about many thing in English everyday. I learned many vocabularies and expressions from my blog, and I was able to organize my opinions in many situations with writing down my thoughts on my blog. The biggest change was that I became interested in writing in English and found a liking for it. As you may know, I used to dislike writing and felt stress, but now I don't feel stress at all, instead I enjoy it. It's because blogging became my favorite hobby without realizing. :)

Getting started on a blog in English is difficult for most English learner as a second language, and it involves a lot of commitment to continue it everyday. However, writing in English everyday will definitely be worth of your time. Because learning English is not miracle, you will never improve without working hard. Therefore,  persistence is crucial to improve your English. You may not imagine how much your English will improve in a year after from now. However, I'm sure if you continue to study hard, you can realize you have improved in the future.

Writing in English on my blog is not too difficult for me anymore. I can say with confidence that it's a piece of cake!
However, I need to improve my English skill more and more. I have decided to continue my everyday writing. It's because it gives no stress to me anymore, and I was able to realize that this is the most effective way to improve my English skill. I haven't decided on my next goal, but I will share it on my blog soon. :)

Here is my first entry.
It's a Piece of Cake!

   Today's Vocabulary
・ say with confidence : 自信を持って言う   

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Result of the Assessment Test

My assessment score became apparent today, and my placement recommendation was a upper advanced level. This means that I can skip a class which I had had to take before taking the upper advanced writing class. Yay! I was glad about my result. :) I didn't take ESL class in summer semester. However, in this semester, I have been able to improve my English skill because of my writing teacher, who is the best teacher I've ever had. Even though she is very strict, I love her teaching methods. In addition, writing in English on my blog every day has improved my English skill significantly. Tomorrow will be my blog's first anniversary. :)
I've decide to take the upper advanced writing class next semester and won't take advanced grammar class anymore because I've already learned most grammar rules and don't want to spend my time to study for the grammar I know. However, I will continue to study with my grammar textbook on my own, so that I can spend my time to study only for parts where my knowledge is still lacking.
Next semester, I'm going to take only one ESL class. In this way, I can study nursing by myself aside from English study. My application for NCLEX is still processing, but I hope I will take NCLEX next summer.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Prior to the Final Writing Exam

Today, I received my writing assignment, which I handed in few weeks ago. I got a perfect score. Yay! My teacher asked me to email my essay to her in order to use it as one of student's good examples in the further class. Every time she explains about an assignment, she hands out student's examples. Many students point out mistakes on the example essay in class. One day, she said, "As you know, this is not a perfect essay. This is a better example from a student at your level even though there are some mistakes." She pointed out the mistakes. She said that even though we were in advanced ESL writing class, our level was still as similar as 8th grade American students. Which means we need to work more and more to improve writing skill. Thus, it is impossible to write a perfect essay at our level. I think I need to improve more vocabulary skill and should expand to use more expressions. In contrast, I think I am confident with finding the main idea from stories and understanding writing structure because I usually get started doing assignment as soon as possible after my teacher gives assignment. Otherwise, I will easily forget some important pieces of her instruction. Understanding one's writing structure accounts for huge score on each essay. That is why I can get better scores. However, I am worried about the final writing exam because I always need to use my dictionary and my computer when I write essays. I often make spelling errors. :( If I am not allowed to use dictionary for the final writing exam in class, I might not get a good score. Thus, I should earn as much points on each assignment prior to the final exam. My teacher said, "Final writing exam is always difficult for most students, and students usually get a bad score." I think the exam will lower my grade.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Price of Turkey in 2012

Tomorrow I'm going to buy a frozen turkey for Thanksgiving Day because it takes three days to defrost frozen turkey in a refrigerator, so I need to buy one three days before cooking.
When I went to a supermarket today, I checked the price and size of turkeys. There were a lot of turkeys for Thanksgiving Day!
 Ralphs is selling a frozen turkey from $0.59 per pound. Each turkey's weight was 12 pounds to 24 pounds. Which means about $7 to $14 per frozen turkey.

 They are also selling fresh turkeys, these are pretty expensive though.

Every year, I compare the price of turkey with many supermarkets, but I have bought one at only Ralphs. It's because Ralphs is closest supermarket to my home. :)
The price of turkey has been increasing. Ralphs sold a frozen turkey from $0.29 per pound in 2010 and $0.49 per pound in 2011. This year, they are selling one from $0.59 per pound.

These are the price of turkey in 2012.

  • Fresh & Easy : $0.47 per pound (10-20lbs, Frozen with $30 additional purchase.)
  • Ralphs : $0.59 per pound (12-24lbs, Frozen, USDA Grade A with $25 additional purchase excluding turkey price.)
  • Vons : $8 ea (8 to 16 lbs, Frozen, Grade A with additional $25 purchase.)
  • Stater Brothers : $0.57 per pound (14 to 20lbs, Frozen. Basted with $30 minimum purchase)
  • Albertsons : Buy One Get One Free (10 to 24lbs, Frozen with additional qualifying $25 purchase.)
  • Sprouts : $1.59 per pound (Fresh, Never Frozen)

   Today's Vocabulary
・ defrost : verb / ~を解凍する
     ex) It is possible to defrost the frozen fish in a microwave oven. : 冷凍魚を電子レンジで解凍することができる

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Wilsons Leather Haul - Black Rivet and Nine West

Today my friend and I went to Carlsbad Premium Outlets mall again. :) It was pretty crowded even though it was a weekend before Black Friday. Most stores were selling articles cheaper than on Veteran's day, which was a week ago.

We went to Wilsons Leather Outlets. We had found out before that they sell leather products with huge discounts. This adorable Black Rivet faux-leather jacket with removable faux-fur collar caught my eye! I wasn't planing on buying any leather jacket today, but I thought it would be sold out after Black Friday, so I decided to buy it. :) This was originally $240, but it was on sale for $52.48 plus tax. It came out 78% off. Yay!
I like the fact that this faux leather has very smooth feel, and it is not heavy. :)

This faux-fur collar feels very soft and looks feminine and gorgeous. :)

In addition, I bought this Nine West golden-colored hand bag. I thought this was perfect for my school bag because this gold color is very neutral; thus, this will fit any other clothing. :)  This was originally $100, but it was on sale for $24.49 plus tax. It came out 75.5% off. I thought Wilsons Leather sells most products cheaper than at retail stores. :)

I enjoyed shopping before Black Friday. :)

 Today's Vocabulary
・ have a smooth feel : 手触りが良い 

Friday, November 16, 2012

Vocabularies I Need to Be Familiar with

Today, I went to cafe to meet my friend as usual Friday. It's been three weeks since we met last time. She was busy for three weeks because she had visitors from Korea. We talked about what happened in our past three weeks. She told me her son who is 18 needed to get a surgery unexpectedly. One day, he called her to complain about left-side chest pain. Next day, they visited a doctors' office and received instruction from doctor to go to an emergency hospital. He was diagnosed with spontaneous pneumothroax, which usually tends to occur in young skinny men. He needed to get a surgery and was hospitalized for a week. I thought her life was packed in past three weeks.
We studied about vocabularies were from our reading textbook, which we finished up our last meeting. We reviewed the vocabularies, but I noticed that I had already forgotten some of them. haha!
These are vocabularies which I need to memorize. Even though I already know some of them, I am still not familiar with using them.

startled : adjective / びっくりして (Pronunciation is stɑ'ːrtl )
 ex) I was startled.
 ex) A startled bear bit the man's head.

infuriating : adjective / ひどく腹立たしい
 ex) His delay is infuriating.

condemn : verb / 非難する、責める (Pronunciation is kənde'm )
 ex) I condemn terrorists as much as you do. : 私もあなたと同様にテロリストを非難している。

discriminate against : ~を差別する、~に不公平な扱いをする
 ex) We don't discriminate against any race. : 私たちは人種差別をしません。

get along : 仲良くやっていく、仲良く暮らしていく
 ex) We are getting along well.
 ex) I don't get along with her.

prior to : ~より前に、~に先立って
 ex)  She went to China prior to her trip to Korea.
 ex) He has no memory of what happened to him prior to this morning.

vice versa : 逆も同様に
 ex) You have to give me what I need, and vice versa. : 君は僕の必要とするものをくれるべきだ、また逆に僕は君の必要とするものをあげるべきだ。

facade : noun / うわべ、見せ掛け (Pronunciation is fəsɑ'ːd )
 ex) The Smith family maintained a facade of wealth although they were not rich. : スミス一家は金持ちではないのに裕福なふりを続けた。

procession : noun / 前進、行進、行列
 ex) A procession of people entered the new department store. : 人々の行列が新しいデパートの中へと入っていった。

conceited : adjective / うぬぼれた (Pronunciation is kuhn-see-tid )
 ex) It may sound conceited of me to say so, but ... : うぬぼれに聞こえるかもしれないが…。

insulting : adjective / 無礼な、屈辱的な
 ex) Do you not get how insulting you're being? : 《批難する》自分が失礼なことをしてるのが分からないんですか?

uncivilized : adjective / 野蛮な、下品な、がさつな
 ex) I think his clothes makes him look uncivilized. : 彼の服装が彼をダサく見せていると思う。

peculiar : adjective / 奇妙な、特有の
 ex) There was a peculiar smell. : 変な匂いがしていた。

disguise : verb / 〔人(の外見)を〕変装させる、扮装させる、〔事実・感情などを〕隠す、偽る、隠蔽する、〔分からないように~を〕変化させる、偽装させる
 ex) They disguise themselves as students or newspaper reporters, etc. 彼らは留学生や新聞記者などに姿を変えて行動している。

Thursday, November 15, 2012

How Many Shoes Have I Bought This Year?

I only have another week to meet my goal, which is continuing my blog at least for a year. :) I started my own blog on November 22, 2011. Since then, I have never skipped blogging. I haven't decided what I'm going to do after that yet. Should I continue my everyday blog or finish? Hmmm...

Recently, I have realized that I've bought many shoes this year. Believe it or not, I bought only one pair of boots in 2011 and didn't buy any shoe in 2010. Yes, that's true! By the way, how many shoes have I bought this year?
 I bought these blue flat shoes for $24 (were originally about $80) at T.J.Maxx on July. I like their embroidered edges and blue velour texture. They were the shoes I wore most in summer. 

 I bought the shiny black flat shoes for $12 (were originally $14.99) at Target. To be honest, I have worn them only few times because they still hurt my heels. I still need to break in the shoes.

I bought the black rain boots for $44.95 (were originally $60) at DSW in August. I was able to wear only two times, and I am looking forward to a rainy day in order to wear them! :)

I bought the pink flat shoes for $29.99 (were originally $75) at Easy Spirit in September. The lovely pink shoes accents my basic colored fashion. :)

The pink flat shoes with cute bows were $15 (were originally $79 because they were having buy one get 50% off sale) at Easy Spirit as well. :)

I bought the leopard printed flat shoes for $36 (were originally $89.95) at G.H. Bass this month. I have worn only one time, but they were incredibly comfortable to walk because they have cushions. :)

I bought the black flat shoes $31.44 (were originally $100) at Clarks Indigo in this month. I haven't worn them yet, but I think they will definitely be the one I will wear the most.    

I didn't take a photo, but I bought black knee high boots for $14.39 (were originally $119.99) at Khol's in February, so I bought eight pairs of shoes this year! I bought 6 pairs of flat shoes, one pair of knee high boots and one pair of rain boots.  Haha! I won't buy anymore shoes this year! Maybe...

While I bought many shoes, recently I have often worn my brown boots which I bought for $73 (was originally $168) at Nine West last year. It's because the month I can wear boots is limited, and I am a person who loves boots so much. :)

 Today's Vocabulary
・ believe it or not :  〈話〉信じられないような話ですが、まさかと思うでしょうが、驚くべきことに、何と、信じようと信じまいと◆【同】Would you believe it?
embroidered : adjective / 刺しゅうのある、刺しゅう飾りの
・ break in the shoes : 靴を履き慣らす

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Assessment Test

Today, I took my assessment test for my ESL. When I took previous assessment test six months ago, I ran out of time before finishing. Therefore, I was really paying attention to the time today. Listening section was not too difficult for me. Reading section was not difficult either, and I was able to finish my test three minutes earlier than the finish time. Even though I didn't know some vocabularies, I think I understood the contents of the stories. The writing topic was different from previous test. I tried to do my best, but I was not satisfied with my essay. I had 50 minutes to write the essay, but I needed more time. :( However, that was the best of my ability. It couldn't be helped. All I can do for it from now on is only to study hard in order to improve my English skills. I think my grade will become apparent this week. If I meet the upper advanced writing class with the result of assessment test, I want to take the class. If my level is as same as the previous test, I will take only advanced grammar class next semester.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Which Words Should You Capitalize?

I was sometimes unsure about capitalization rule for title. I have made a title of my blog entry everyday. I have already known that articles (the, a/ an), conjunctions (and, but, or, not), and preposition that are fewer than five letters long  (with, in, at, etc) shouldn't be capitalized. However, I was sometimes wondering, "Should be verbs be capitalized?" and "Should phrasal verbs be capitalized even though these look as same as preposition?" I finally found out that these answer! :)

All principal words need to be capitalize such as nouns, pronouns, adjectives, verbs, and adverbs.
Be verbs such as be, is, are, was, and were need to be capitalized. Phrasal verbs are considered as verb, so these need to be capitalized as well. However, infinitive to should never be capitalized.

These were my blog titles that I made mistakes on. :P

incorrect) Assessment Test was Canceled
correct) Assessment Test Was Canceled

incorrect) They are Social Animal
correct) They Are Social Animal

incorrect) We are Going Traveling Tomorrow
correct) We Are Going Traveling Tomorrow

incorrect) I was Invited to My Friend's New House
correct) I Was Invited to My Friend's New House

incorrect) The Most Expensive Sponge I've ever Purchased
correct) The Most Expensive Sponge I've Ever Purchased
Because ever is adverb, it need to be capitalized.

incorrect) The Kitchen Sink was Clogged up
correct) The Kitchen Sink Was Clogged Up

incorrect) He Must Have been Tired
correct) He Must Have Been Tired

incorrect) The Flight Has been Canceled Again!
correct) The Flight Has Been Canceled Again!

incorrect) The Price was Increased more than I Expected
correct) The Price Was Increased More Than I Expected
Because more is adjective, it need to be capitalized.
Than is conjunction, but it is exception; thus, than need to be capitalized.

incorrect) What is Perfect for Gifts
correct) What Is Perfect for Gifts?

incorrect) Their Habitat is Here
correct) Their Habitat Is Here

incorrect) Difference between Former and Old
correct) Difference Between Former and Old
Because between is more than five letters long even thought it is preposition, it need to be capitalized.

incorrect) I Woke up at the Same Time As Usual
correct) I Woke Up at the Same Time As Usual
Because woke up is phrasal verb, it need to be capitalized.

I found many mistakes. These were mostly be verbs and phrasal verbs. I hope I won't make anymore mistakes about title. :)

Monday, November 12, 2012

David Choi - By My Side

I have been listening to the song, By My Side, which was released by David Choi in 2010. This song has been used as a background music on some of Michelle Phan's youtube videos. Michelle Phan always chooses beautiful songs, and these perfectly fits her youtube videos. I like her sense of music. :) I have developed a liking for this song because this music sounds very chic and romantic. :) I'll definitely check out more David Choi's songs.

David Choi / By My Side


I’m just listening to the clock go ticking
I am waiting as the time goes by
I think of you with every breath I take
I need to feel your heartbeat next to mine

You’re all I see
In everything

I just want to hold you
I just want to kiss you
I just want to love you all my life
I normally wouldn’t say this
But I just can’t contain it
I want you here forever, right here
By my side

All the fears you feel inside
And all the tears you’ve cried
They’re ending right here
I’ll heal your heart and soul
I’ll keep you oh so close
Don’t worry I’ll never let you go

You’re all I need
You’re everything

I just want to hold you
I just want to kiss you
I just want to love you all my life
I normally wouldn’t say this
But I just can’t contain it
I want you here forever, right here
By my side

No one else would ever do
I got a stubborn heart for you
Call me crazy but it’s true
I love you
I didn’t think that it would be
You who made it clear to me
You’re all I need

I just want to hold you
I just want to kiss you
I just want to love you all my life
I normally wouldn’t say this
But I just can’t contain it
I want you here forever, right here
By my side

 Today's Vocabulary
・ develop a liking for : ~を好きになる
contain : verb / 〔感情などを〕抑える、抑制する
stubborn : adjective / 〔病気などが〕頑固な、治癒の困難な、治りにくい

Sunday, November 11, 2012

GAP and Clarks Indigo Haul

Today my husband and I went to Carlsbad Premium Outlet mall. Because today is Veterans Day, many stores were having a sale. :) I'm going to share you what I got there.

I bought beige and purple turtleneck sweaters at GAP. These were originally $39.99 each, but it was on sale for $19.99. In addition, I had a 40% coupon, so it ended up being $11.99 each. :) It's not too shabby!
 My husband bought a blue flannel shirt for $18.91(was $44.99) and a long sleeve shirt for $7.49 (was $24.99).

Then we went to Clarks. My husband already decided to buy his new shoes. They were having buy one get one 25% off sale. That's why I decided to buy my new shes too. These black flat shoes were the one I always wanted to buy. I had already known these shoes before because I saw the same one on someone's blog. The blogger said that these shoes were very comfortable, and she loved this design. I became really interested in them. While I checked these shoes whenever I went to outlet mall, I was resistant to buy them because they were on sale for $59.99. Which meant they were still expensive for me. However, I ended up buying with a great deal. :) My husband's new shoes were originally $90, but they were on sale for $69.99. My black flat shoes were originally $100, but they were on sale for $59.99. Because we bought two pairs of shoes, my shoes ended up being discounted $15 with 25% discount. In addition, I had a 15% off coupon with $75 more purchase. My shoes finally turned out to be $31.44 after 15% discount. Yay! His shoes turned out to be $59.49 after 15% off. :) That was a great deal! :)

Total retail price was $339.96, but I paid $145.31. It came out about 57% off after discount. :)

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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Must Go to Place in Japan - Tennouji Mio

I was living in Nara and Osaka for 11 years after graduating from high school. At that time, I often went to Tennouji Mio, which is a huge fashion mall especially for young women. There were many stores I liked.
Tennouji Mio

Tennouji Mio is a 12-story building, and the first to fourth floor and sixth to seventh floor are for young women's clothing, accessories and miscellaneous goods. The fifth floor is for men's clothing, and the eighth floor is for sport wears and glasses. The ninth floor is for books and beauty service. The tenth and eleventh floor are for restaurant. The twelfth floor is for some event.

These were my favorite stores, and I went these stores every time I went to Tennouji Mio.

 ALBA, which is located on the first floor, sells diverse kitchen article, laundry article, accessory and so on. I bought a watch before, and it was compliant by many people even though it was very reasonable. :)

Lattice (1F)
As I mentioned in previous my entry, Lattice sells many accessories at very reasonable price. Most accessories are only 315yen. :)

Diana (1F)
Diana sells woman's shoes. I bought white short boots and black low-heeled pumps there. :) Their shoes are usually costly, but their qualities are worth your money. :)

Natural Beauty Basic (2F)
Natural Beauty Basic, which is located on the second floor, was one of my favorite clothing shops! I often bought some clothing there because their design was very simple which I like and the price was not too expensive. :)

Laboratory Work (4F)
Laboratory Work, which is located on the fourth floor, sells casual clothing. I bought some clothing ,especially when I was 18 to 21.

PLAZA, which is located on sixth floor, sells sweets from foreign countries, diverse miscellaneous goods and cosmetics. I could find many interesting goods. :)

VIS (6F)
VIS was my most favorite clothing shop in Japan. They sell trendy clothing at reasonable price. I still have many clothing I bought there. :)

Lowrys Farm (7F)
 Lowrys Farm, which is located on seventh floor, sells casual clothing at reasonable price, and I bought many clothing, especially when I was 18-21.

Nice Claup (7F)
 Nice Claup sells trendy clothing at reasonable price as well. :)

Muji (8F)
As I mentioned in previous my entry, Muji, which is located on the eighth floor, sells many diverse foods, households, stationary, clothing, kitchen appliance, furniture, and so on with reasonable price. The design of all products of Muji is very simple and stylish. :)

Asahiya Shoten (9F)
I bought many textbooks, fashion magazines and travel books etc. at Asahiya shoten, which is located on nine floor. Whenever I needed to buy books, I went there.

House of Rose Relaxation Salon (9F)
When I got tired from walking for shopping, I went to House of Rose Relaxation Salon. Even though it was costly, I sometimes went there because I loved the smell of lavender aroma and relaxation oil massage. I was able to relax there. :)

Hokkaido (10F)
Hokkaido, which is located on tenth floor, serves many fresh fish food. :)

Tonharu (10F)
Tonharu serves tonkatsu, which is pork cutlet. Tonkatsu is one of my favorite Japanese food, so I often went there. :)

Ginza Hageten (11F)

 If you love tempura, which is deep fried vegetable and fish, you should go Ginza Hageten, which is located on eleventh floor.

There are numerous stores in Tennouji Mio. Actually, there are many fashion malls in Osaka, but I went shopping at Tennouji Mio mostly. It's because Tennouji Mio was the closest fashion mall from my living place, and there were many my favorite stores there. I usually enjoyed shopping at many of my favorite stores within two hours because all my favorite stores are located in the same building; thus, I didn't have to walk long distance. That's why it was convenient to shop for me when I wanted to save my time. :)
If you are a girl and love Japanese fashion, you should go there. :)

Tenonouji Mio
  10-39 Hidenin-cho Tennouji-ku Osaka-shi Osaka 543-0055 Japan

 Today's Vocabulary
miscellaneous goods : 雑貨