Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Our Home Renovations

    Yesterday, my husband and I finally received the keys for our new home, which is our first own home. :) Yes, we just bought a small condominium and became home owners. :) We looked for our future home from last year and visited open houses every weekend. Now, it's in a hot seller's market. House hunting is pretty challenging for everyone, but I think that we were able to buy what we wanted. Our new home is pretty dated and needs renovating a lot. Actually, I was looking for outdated home to experience home renovation. Even though it costs a lot of money for home renovation and will spend hours and hours, we think it's very important to experience those things while we are still young. When you get older, it will be harder to try new things.

     After receiving the keys yesterday, we headed toward our new home and started removing all cabinet doors and drawers. We are still living in our apartment now, but we hope we will have finished painting cabinets before moving into our own home this weekend. That's why we will be super busy for this week.   
     I would like to share with you our first home renovations through my blog sometimes. :)  

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