Saturday, July 23, 2016

Costco Haul - Tiger That Tempura Shrimp

     Today, my husband and I went to Costco and had samples of Tiger That Tempura Shrimp there. As you might know, tempura is a Japanese dish of deep fried vegetables and seafood, and it is often chosen one of the most popular Japanese foods. (You can check out my previous entry, Top 10 Most Popular Japanese Foods.) I sometimes cook vegetable tempura at home and also order tempura bowl at Japanese restaurants sometimes. When we had the samples at Costco, we were impressed at how big shrimps were! I sometimes experienced that the tempura looks big because of too much batter, but the shrimp itself is often too small. I thought this was better than one restaurants serve. :) We decided to purchase this frozen tempura. It has 20 jumbo shrimps and was about $13. It's not too expensive considering that each tempura is pretty big!
        Each pack has 5 pieces of shrimp tempura. (5 pieces x 4 packs) Each pack includes tempura sauce. :)

    We just baked them at 400℉ in my compact toaster oven for 6 minutes. Then, turned them over and baked another 6 minutes.

    Since my kitchen is in the middle of home renovation, I cannot use gas stove now, so I was glad that I could enjoy my favorite Japanese food at home today. :) 
    If you like Japanese tempura and are able to find Tempura Shrimp at Costco, you really should try one. It's very easy to prepare and tastes really great. :)

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