Monday, July 4, 2016

I Love Japanese Bread!

      Yesterday, my friend called me that she had just delivered so many rolls of Japanese bread to my home entrance (for free)! Two weeks ago, she also left some rolls at my entrance door in the early morning. :) Her son works at Asian bakery this summer, so he often brings so many kinds of unsold bread to their home. Thanks to him and her, I can enjoy delicious Japanese bread now! :)
      Compared to American bread, Japanese bread is soft and fluffy, and there are so many kinds of bread in Japan. As I mentioned in my previous entry, My Top 15 Must Eat Foods in Japan, Japanese bread is one of my favorite foods. Indeed, when I visit Japan, I always buy some commercial bread at supermarkets there and bring some to the U.S. Even plain sliced white bread tastes so good! If you are planning on visiting Japan, you should enjoy Japanese bread there. :)

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