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How to Cook Japanese Curry

Japanese Curry
      I cooked Japanese curry last Saturday. When I was a child in Japan, I was invited my friends' birthday party. Most of my friends' mothers served Japanese curry for kids because children loved it. Regardless of age, many people love Japanese curry. Indeed, I have never seen people who don't like Japanese curry. Actually, it's pretty easy to cook it. In order to make Japanese curry, you need Japanese curry sauce mix. There are many Japanese curry sauce mix brands in markets, such as Torokeru Curry by S&B and Vermont Curry by House Foods. This time, I used S&B Tasty Curry Sauce Mix Torokeru Curry .

Japanese Curry Sauce Mix, S&B Tasty Curry Sauce Mix Torokeru Curry (とろけるカレー)
These are famous Japanese curry sauce mix brand.

Torokeru Curry (とろけるカレー)
Golden Curry(ゴールデンカレー)
・Tokekomu Curry(とけ込むカレー)
・The Prince of Curry(カレーの王子様) The Price of Curry sauce mix is specially for small children. (over 1-year-old children).

*House Foods
Vermont Curry(バーモントカレー)
Java Curry(ジャワカレー)
Kokumaro Curry(こくまろカレー)

Nidanjyuku Curry(二段塾カレー)

     I'm going to share how to make Japanese curry with you. Before cooking Japanese curry you should know these...
* You can use any vegetable such as potato, carrot, eggplant, tomato, bell pepper and etc...
* You can use any meat such as chicken, pork and beef.
* You can eat Japanese curry right after you finished cooking it, but it will taste better next day.
* Japanese curry is not too spicy unlike Thai curry. If you like spicy food, hot is the best choice for you. Mild is perfect for children. I usually choose hot or medium hot.

Ingredients (5 Servings)

1 onion (cut into bite size)
1/2 lb of potato (cut into bite size)
1/2 of carrot (cut into bite size)
1/2 lb of meat (cut into bite size)
3 cups of water
1/2 box of Japanese curry sauce mix

1. Heat oil into a sauce pan over high heat. Then, stir fry all vegetables and meat for 5 minutes or so.

2. Add water and bring to boil. Simmer over low heat for 20 minutes or so until vegetables are fully cooked.

3. (This step is the most important.) Turn off the heat. Break curry sauce mix and put into mixture. Stir until completely melted. (By reducing temperature, curry sauce mix melts perfectly. Otherwise, it will coagulate by high heat.)

4. Simmer for 5 minutes over low heat.

5. Enjoy!

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