Sunday, August 30, 2015

The Best Japanese Instant Curry! (S&B Golden Curry & House Foods Curry Sauce)

       Have you ever tried Japanese Curry? As I mentioned in my previous entry, Japanese curry is very delicious, and I think everyone will love it. I purchased these Japanese instant curries at Japanese supermarket just the other day. These are some of the most popular Japanese instant curry products in Japan. When I lived in Japan, I sometimes had these. These are very easy to cook, so these are perfect when you are super busy.

         Today, I uploaded this video which is about how to cook these Japanese instant curries. :)

      This is S&B Golden Curry Medium Hot. This curry was one of my favorite ones!
S&B Golden Curry
     As you can see the photo below, their vegetables such as potatoes and carrots were pretty big! Their curry was nice and thick texture. It tasted like homemade Japanese curry. :)
S&B Golden Curry

       This is House Foods Curry Sauce Medium hot. They are named Kukure curry (ククレカレー) in Japan.
House Foods Curry Sauce

      Compared to Golden Curry, House Foods Curry Sauce was more watery. It tasted like one Japanese restaurants serve. :)
House Foods Curry Sauce

        Japanese curry is not very spicy, so if you love spicy foods, you should try hot ones.
The Best Japanese Instant Curry!

       If you have never tried Japanese instant curry, you really should try them. :) You can purchase these at any supermarkets in Japan. If you live in the U.S. like me, you can find these at Japanese supermarkets or


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