Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Ichimi Ann Bamboo Garden, Japanese Soba Noodle Restaurant

       Last Sunday, my husband and I went to Torrance to have lunch. That day, we were going to Maruhide Uni Club, the best sea urchin restaurant in L.A., but their lunch seats had been already booked up before we arrived. That's why we decided to go to another restaurant. We finally went to Ichimi Ann Bamboo Garden, a Japanese soba noodle restaurant. It had been years since we went there last time. 
Ichimi Ann Bamboo Garden, Japanese Soba Noodle Restaurant
       They serve many kinds of soba noodle. They serve authentic soba noodle with pretty reasonable price, but it looked like that the price of their menu became a few dollar expensive than years ago.  
Ichimi Ann Bamboo Garden, Japanese Soba Noodle Restaurant

Ichimi Ann Bamboo Garden, Japanese Soba Noodle Restaurant
       My husband ordered their lunch combo, cold soba noodle and a mentaiko and okaka bowl. 
Lunch Combo, Cold Soba Noodle and A Mentaiko and Okaka Bowl
        Their soba noodle was perfect as usual. :)
Cold Soba
       This mentaiko tasted so good! When it comes to mentiako, I am pretty picky about it because I grew up in Fukuoka, where is famous for mentaiko. I thought that their mentiako was pretty high-end one. In addition, the okaka, which is bonito flakes mixed with soy sauce, was super good!
A Mentaiko and Okaka Bowl

        I ordered this tempura bowl. The deep-fried shrimps were pretty big. I liked their deep-fried twisted chili. These days, I've also often cooked tempura at home. :)
Tempura Bowl

       What I liked this restaurant was that they serve soba yu and some tea for free. Soba yu is the warm water that boiled soba noodle. Drinking soba yu is good for your health because it has protein and vitamin from soba noodle.
Tea Section

       The soba yu tasted rich and slightly salty. I also enjoyed having brown rice tea. :)  
Soba Yu and Brown Rice Tea

Ichimi Ann Bamboo Garden
1618 Cravens Ave 
Torrance, CA 90501

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