Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Summer Gift for My Mother-In-Law - It's Unagi!

Set of Unagi on Amazon Japan
      Last night, my husband and I were looking for a perfect gift for his mother, who has sometimes sent us some Japanese foods from Japan. We were first looking some Japanese sweets and flower, but we eventually ordered this set of unagi no kabayaki (うなぎの蒲焼き) from Amazon Japan.
Set of Unagi on Amazon Japan
     Unagi (うなぎ, 鰻) is a Japanese freshwater eel. When you go to sushi restaurant, you can find eel sushi, but I think that's not unagi mostly. Most sushi restaurants only serve anago (あなご), saltwater eels. Unagi and anago look and taste similar, although not identical. Unagi is more nutrient rich food, and unagi is usually three times more expensive than anago because of rarity value especially Japan's domestic eels. During hot summer, people in Japan eat nutritious foods such as unagi to maintain their health. It's May and is getting hot in Japan day by day, so I thought unagi is a perfect gift for her to stay healthy this summer. :)  Did you know that Japan is the world's number one consumer of unagi? I think that people in some Asian countries such as China and Korea also consume unagi. You can also check out my previous entry, Doyo Ushi No Hi - A Special Day for Eating Unagi.

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