Thursday, May 25, 2017

Free Photo Scanner - Google PhotoScan

       As I mentioned in my previous entry, Packages From My Mother-In-Law - They Are From Japan!, my mother-in-law sent some beautiful flower photos to me from Japan. Three years ago, she took me to roadside station Koibotaru, which is located in Fukuoka, where is my hometown. I was amazed at how beautiful flowers there are. She told me, "I didn't know how much you love flowers!" I always enjoy seeing beautiful flowers, wild plants and animals. Because she knows I really love flowers, she took these photos for me and added them to the package. She uses her smart phone and digital camera, but she has never used a PC. I think that she didn't know how to send these pictures, which were taken with her digital Camera, to me through email. In old days, I also didn't know how to do this. I traveled a lot and took numerous photos in Japan. I had photos developed at stores and kept them in photo album cases. Indeed, my husband and I have a ton of photos in a closet in my parents-in-law's house in Japan. Next time, we visit their house, we will bring those photos to the U.S., and I want to share those photos through my blog. That's why I was looking for information on how to turn old photos into digital ones. I finally found that Google created an excellent App, Google PhotoScan! When my mother-in-law sent these photos I immediately thought that I should download the App! I was finally able to get her flower photos digital! It was quick and very easy! If you are looking for a photo scanner, you should try this App!  
          These purple flowers are Japanese wisteria, which is called ofuji (大藤) in Japanese. Three years ago, I was also able to see beautiful Japanese wisteria with my parents at Kurogi Ofuji Festival.

      This is a flower bed in my parents-in-law's house. These flowers are petunia (ペチュニア). 

     She also planted sea lavenders there.

      Finally, it's me. I also get my old photo digital with this App. :) I was a really small girl!

     By the way, this is my YouTube video, which I recorded at Kurogi Ofuji Festival. :)

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