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Japanese Vocabularies You Should Know When You Buy Skincare Products in Japan

      If you are planning on purchasing beauty products in Japan, it's a good idea to learn some basic Japanese vocabularies related to beauty products in advance. Japanese products usually have descriptions in Japanese only. Even though you can find English on packages of a few Japanese products, sometimes it's just Japanese English, which is called wasei eigo (和製英語), so it might confuse you even more. For instance, in Japanese, lip stick (リップスティック) is lip balm. Essence (エッセンス) in Japanese is beauty serum.
      Let's say you are going to buy Japanese lotion, but you find that there are small Japanese words (しっとり and さっぱり) written on the two similar bottles. If you know these meaning, you can purchase the right one for your skin type. By the way, if you are oily skin, you can choose さっぱり one. :)

     Today, I'm going to share Japanese vocabularies related to skincare products. You can study these before going to Japan, or just check out this entry while you are at drugstores in Japan. I hope this entry will help your shopping there. :)

化粧水 (keshosui, kesho-sui, kesyou-sui) : Japanese Facial Lotion
  The texture of keshosui is usually just like water. Keshosui is used to hydrate skin, and then you are supposed to use milky or creamy lotion (nyueki).
Keshosui 化粧水

乳液 (nyueki, nyu-eki) : Japanese Milky or Creamy Lotion 
   You are supposed to use nyueki after applying keshosui. Nyueki is used to seal your hydrated skin, so it can prevent evaporation of keshosui.
Nyueki 乳液

美容液 (biyoueki, biyoueki) : Beauty Serum
エッセンス (essence) : Beauty Serum
Biyoueki 美容液

クリーム (cream) : Facial Cream
フェイスクリーム (face cream) : Facial Cream
   You are supposed to use cream after nyueki.
Face Cream フェイスクリーム

マスク (mask) : Facial Mask
パック (pack) : Facial Mask
フェイスマスク (face mask) : Facial Mask
フェイスパック (face pack) : Facial Mask

シートマスク (sheet mask) : Facial Sheet Mask
シートマスク パック (sheet mask pack) : Facial Sheet Mask
Sheet Mask シートマスク

洗い流すマスク (arai-nagasu-mask) : Facial Mask Required to Rise Off
洗い流すパック (arai-nagasu-pack) : Facial Mask Required to Rise Off
     Arai-nagasu (洗い流す) means to rinse off.
Arai-Nagasu Pack (洗い流すパック)

アイクリーム (eye cream) : Eye Cream
目元用クリーム, 目もと用クリーム (memoto-yo-cream) : Eye Cream   
目元専用クリーム (memoto-senyo-cream) : Eye Cream
Eye Cream アイクリーム

目元美容液, 目もと美容液(memoto-biyoeki) : Eye Serum
Memoto-Biyoueki 目もと美容液

まつげ美容液 (matsuge-biyoeki) : Beauty Serum for Eyelashes
Matsuge Biyoueki まつげ美容液

リップクリーム (lip cream) : Lip Balm (Stick Type)
リップケアクリーム (lip care cream) : Lip Balm (Stick Type)
リップスティック (lip stick) : Lip Balm (Stick Type)
リップバーム (lip balm) : Lip Balm (Jar Type)
色付きリップクリーム (iro-tsuki lip cream) : Tinted Lip Balm (Stick Type)
色付きリップスティック (iro-tsuki lip stick) : Tinted Lip Balm (Stick Type)
      Lip stick means lip balm in Japan. Lip stick in English is called Kuchibeni (口紅) in Japanese.
Lip Care Cream リップケアクリーム

洗顔料 (sengan- ryo) : Facial Cleansing Products
洗顔フォーム (sengan-foam) : Facial Cleansing
泡洗顔フォーム (awa-sengan-foam) : Facial Cleansing Foam
洗顔せっけん, 洗顔石鹸, 洗顔石けん (sengan-sekken) : Facial Cleansing Soap
洗顔ソープ (sengan soap) : Facial Cleansing Soap
洗顔パウダー (sengan powder) : Facial Cleansing Powder
 Sengan (洗顔) means to wash your face.
Sengan Foam 洗顔フォーム

クレンジング (cleansing) : Makeup Remover
メイク落とし (make otoshi) : Makeup Remover
オイルクレンジング (oil cleansing) : Makeup Remover Cleansing Oil
ミルククレンジング (milk cleansing) : Makeup Remover Cleansing Milk 
クレンジングジェル (cleansing gel) : Makeup Remover Cleansing Gel
クリームクレンジング (cream cleansing) : Makeup Remover Cleansing Cream
クレンジングシート (cleansing sheet) : Makeup Remover Cleansing Wipes
リキッドクレンジング (liquid cleansing) : Liquid Makeup Remover
     Cleansing (クレンジング) means makeup remover in Japan.
Gel Make Otoshi ジェルメイク落とし

アイメイクアップリムーバー (eye makeup remover) : Eye Makeup Remover
ポイントメイクリムーバー (point make remover) : Makeup Remover for Eyes and Lips
マスカラリムーバー (mascara remover) : Mascara Makeup Remover
Eye Makeup Remover アイメイクアップリムーバー

コットン (cotton) : Facial Cotton Pads
カットコットン (cut cotton) : Facial Cotton Pads
コットンパフ (cotton puff) : Facial Cotton Pads
     Oban (大判) means large, so oban cotton (大判 コットン) means an extra large size cotton pad.
Cotton コットン

圧縮タイプローションシート (asyuku type lotion sheet) : Compressed Facial Sheet Mask
ローションシート (lotion sheet) : Compressed Facial Sheet Mask
     Ashuku (圧縮) means compressed. You can put your favorite kesho-sui into a compressed facial sheet mask. It turns out to be your customized facial sheet mask.
Asyuku Type Lotion Sheet 圧縮タイプ ローションシート

しっとり (shittori) : Moist
保湿 (hoshitsu) : Moist
高保湿 (ko-hoshitu) : Extra moist 
潤い, うるおい (uruoi) : Moist
    Skin care products with shittori (しっとり), hoshitsu (保湿) , ko-hoshitsu (高保湿) and uruoi (うるおい) are perfect for dry skin.

さっぱり (sappari) : Light Moist
    Skin care products with sappari (さっぱり) are perfect for oily skin.

敏感肌用 (binkan-hada-yo) : For Sensitive Skin
デリケートな肌用 (delicate-na-hada-yo) : For Sensitive Skin

美白 (bihaku) : Whitening
ホワイトニング (whitening) : Whitening
      Skin care products with bihaku (美白) or whitening (ホワイトニング) have whitening effect. Many of them contain whitening agents such as vitamin C.

アンチエイジング (anti-aging) : Anti-Aging 
エイジングケア (aging care) : Anti-Aging

オールインワン (all-in-one) : All-In-One
All-In-One オールインワン

詰替用, 詰替え用, つめかえ用 (tsumekae-yo) : Refill
つめかえ (tsumekae) : Refill
詰替えパック, つめかえパック (tsumekae pack) : Refill 
省資源パック (shoshigen pack) : Refill
   There are many refill products in Japan such as shampoo, keshosui and nyueki. Refill is usually a little cheaper.
Keshosui Tsumekae-yo 化粧水 詰替用

オイリー肌 (oily hada) : Oily Skin
オイリースキン (oily skin) : Oily Skin 
脂性肌 (shisei-hada) : Oily Skin
べたつく肌 (betatsuku hada) : Sticky Skin, Oily Skin

乾燥肌 (kanso hada) : Dry Skin
ドライスキン (dry skin) : Dry Skin

敏感肌 (binkan hada) : Sensitive Skin
アレルギー肌 (allerugy hada) : Allergy Skin
アトピー肌 (atopy hada) : Atopic Eczema
アトピースキン (atopy skin) : Atopic Eczema
アトピー性湿疹 (atopy sei shishin) : Atopic Eczema

普通肌 (futsu hada) : Normal Skin
ノーマルスキン (normal skin) : Normal Skin

にきび, ニキビ (nikibi) : Acne
角質 (kakushitsu) : Dead Skin
しわ (shiwa) : Wrinkles
ホウレイ線 (houreisen) : Laugh Lines
毛穴 (keana) : Skin Pores 
毛穴の黒ずみ (keana no kurozumi) : Blackheads
目のクマ (meno kuma) : Dark Circles

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