Monday, May 8, 2017

Unagi No Seiro Mushi - Steamed Eel Kabayaki

    As I mentioned in my previous entry, my husband and I ordered a set of unagi, a Japanese freshwater eel, for his mother from Amazon Japan, and she has already received it!
Set of Unagi on Amazon Japan

      She emailed me and told me that she would cook unagi no seiro mushi (うなぎのセイロ蒸し) with it. I've heard of unagi no seiro mushi before, but I didn't know what it is exactly. I asked my husband about it, but he didn't know it exactly either. Unagi no seiro mushi is steamed eel kabayaki and one of local cuisine in Fukuoka, which is my hometown. Actually, I've had unagi no seiro mushi before. I had lived in Fukuoka until I was 18, and I perhaps only had unagi there less than five times because unagi is very expensive. There are some restaurants which serve unagi in Yanagawa city (柳川市), where is the birth place of unagi no seiro mushi, Fukuoka, and it is around 3500 to 6500 yen for one meal, so it's not casual food we could often have. I think that I was too young to be interested in local cuisine when I lived in Fukuoka. Since I moved to Kansai region for going to collage, I haven't had unagi no seiro mushi, but I only had unagi bowl in Osaka once a year or so. I know a lot about Osaka since I enjoyed eating, shopping, sightseeing and traveling with my friends and my husband there, but sometimes I feel like I don't know much about Fukuoka.
Unagi No Seiro Mushi
     To me, unagi no seiro mushi is too expensive, but someday I would like to have it in Yanagawa city when I visit Fukuoka prefecture to see my families. :) Yanagawa city is also famous for Yanagawa river cruising, which is called Yanagawa Kawa Kudari (柳川 川下り) and I would like to try it someday. :) This video shows what Yanagawa Kawa Kudari and unagi no seiro mushi look like.

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