Monday, May 22, 2017

Before and After Wet Bar Renovation - Install Backsplash Tiles, Replace Outlet, Paint Cabinets and Decor

      My husband and I started to renovate our wet bar renovation on April 15. We finally finished our wet bar renovation on May 14. :) It took us one month to finish this project, and I am really happy with the final look. The outdated 80s look wet bar turned into modern and functional one! :) 

        In my previous entry, I shared with you that we finished removing the wall mirror, installing recessed lighting, wall cabinets, under cabinet lighting, painting walls and installing molding. Today, I'm going to share the rest of our wet bar renovation with you.

■Install Backsplash Tiles
      We chose white subway tiles for our wet bar backsplash. It's because subway tiles are affordable and have timeless look. Also subway tiles are easy to work with, so these are perfect for DIY beginners like us. Indeed, this was our first time to install tiles. :)

     There was a GFCI outlet on the wall we would install backsplash tiles. First, we planned the tile layout. We cut the subway tiles with a tile cutter, Blue Hawk 14-in Snap Cutter, and a tile nipper, Goldblatt 24-in Snap Cutter.

     We used this ready to use mortar.
Mapei Ready to Use White Premium Mortar

       We didn't need any spacers to lay these subway tiles. It was very easy to install them. 

      Next day, he applied grout, Custom Grout 381 Bright White NSG3811-4, with float.


      We waited for 15 minutes for firm joints. Then, he cleaned off excess grout with damp sponge. Two hours later, he removed haze with cheesecloth. Then, we waited for two days and applied grout sealer, Tilelab Grout Sealer.

      He filled the expansion gaps between granite countertop and backsplash tiles with white grout instead of caulk because it's easier to work with and look better.

 ■Replace Outlet and Switch
      He replaced the old GFCI outlet to new one.

      He also replaced the old switch to new one.

 ■Paint Cabinet Doors and Install T-Bar Pulls
      I sanded the cabinets and cabinet doors. Then, I painted them with primer, KILZ 2 Latex Primer. Then, I painted them white with Valspar Signature Semi-Gloss Ultra White, which is the same paint we painted on other cabinets in our home. As I mentioned in my previous entry, I am not sure if Valspar Signature paints are the best for painting cabinets because it takes 1 to 2 weeks to dry paints completely. The color was beautiful though. We ordered stainless steel t-bar pulls from eBay. Cabinet pulls are usually so much cheaper on Amazon and eBay than at big-box stores. These t-bar pulls are less than $2 each. :)  

     Finally, we purchased some decorative items for our wet bar.

      I purchased this decorative artificial white flowers at my local Marshalls. White flowers are perfect with white backsplash. :)

      I also purchased large Portuguese rectangular white plate at Marshalls. I placed some fruit on the plate. :) 

■Final Look!
    We are really satisfied with the result. We love our wet bar so much. It has modern and clean look.
    The unfinished wall cabinets turned into a beautiful built-in cabinet and created extra spaces in our wet bar. :) I saw many photos of wet bars with open shelving on Piterest. I think that open shelving is trendy right now, but I love closed cabinetry which can hide clutter. I can finally organize my mugs, glasses and coffee stuffs now. :) The recessed lighting and under cabinet lighting he installed are so beautiful and functional.    

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