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Most Popular Japanese Foods (Top 11 - 20)

       As I mentioned in my yesterday's entry, one of Japanese TV show introduced top 50 most popular Japanese foods which were chosen by foreign tourists in Japan this year. I shared top 10 most popular ones in my blog yesterday.

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Top 10 Most Popular Japanese Foods

Most Popular Japanese Foods (Top 11 - 20)

Most Popular Japanese Foods (Top 21 - 30)

Most Popular Japanese Foods (Top 31 - 40)

Most Popular Japanese Foods (Top 41- 50)

        Today, I'm going to share the rest of popular Japanese foods (ranked as top11 to 20) with you.

No.11 Shabu-shabu (しゃぶしゃぶ)
      Shabu-shabu has been getting popular outside Japan these days. It's probably because that it's pretty healthy. Shabu-shabu is made of many kinds of vegetables and very thinly sliced meat. Meat should be cooked in boiling water for only seconds. My Taiwanese friends love shabu-shabu. :)

No.12 Udon (うどん)
       Udon is Japanese thick noodle. It serves hot (kake-udon) or cold (zaru-udon). There are many kinds of udon such as wakame, tempura, niku, curry and so on. I love wakame udon and curry udon. My Korean friends also love Japanese udon. :)

No.13 Sukiyaki (すき焼き)
      Sukiyaki is cooked or simmered thinly sliced beef and vegetables with soy sauce, mirin and sugar in pot. After cooked ingredients, those are dipped in raw beaten egg, and you can eat them. :) I know it's not common to eat raw egg for most people, but Japanese people do this to eat sukiyaki. 

No.14 Yakisoba (焼きそば)
      Yakisoba is similar to chow mein, Chinese noodle, but yakisoba is less oily. You can find yakisoba stands at most Japanese festivals. My husband sometimes makes yakisoba with using yakisoba sauce at home.

No.15 Takoyaki (たこ焼き)
      Takoyaki is a ball-shaped snack made of flour, cabbage, octopus and so on. I used to live in Osaka, where is famous for takoyaki. I could find takoyaki stores everywhere in Osaka. When I lived in Osaka, my friends threw a takoyaki party, and we enjoyed making and eating a lot of takoyaki together. :) If you have a takoyaki pan, takoyaki flour, takoyaki sauce and Japanese mayonnaise you can make it easily.

No.16 Rice Ball, Onigiri (おにぎり)
      When you go to any convenience stores in Japan, you can find many kinds of rice balls. My favorite kinds of rice balls are grilled salmon, tuna mayonnaise and ume (pickled plum). You can also make rice ball at home. :)

No.17 Grilled Fish, Yakizakana (焼き魚)
      If you go to Japanese teishoku restaurants, you can find grilled fish teishoku (grilled fish combo). One day, my Taiwanese friend asked me if Japanese people eat fish everyday because she told me that it was broadcast on TV in Taiwan. Even though Japanese often eat fish, they don't eat it everyday. Actually, I think most Japanese people eat more meat than fish now. However, I do sometimes make grilled mackerel at home.

No.18 Unagi Bowl, Una-jyu (うな重)
     Una-jyu or unagi bowl is grilled Japanese eel on rice. Una-jyu is pretty expensive now. Indeed, the price of Japanese eel has hiked year after year.

No.19 Nabe (鍋)
       Nabe is a Japanese hot pot dish made of vegetables and meat. There are also many kinds of nabe dishes such as mizutaki, ishikari nabe, kimuchi nabe and tomato nabe. Japanese people eat nabe in cold seasons.

No.20 Fruit (果物)
       Fruit in Japan is very expensive but has decent tastes! Japanese farmers try to create improved variety of fruit. Indeed, Hakata Toyonoka, a famous breed of Japanese strawberries, is much sweeter and bigger than strawberries in the U.S.
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Top 10 Most Popular Japanese Foods

Most Popular Japanese Foods (Top 11 - 20)

Most Popular Japanese Foods (Top 21 - 30)

Most Popular Japanese Foods (Top 31 - 40)

Most Popular Japanese Foods (Top 41- 50)

      I uploaded this video, Top 50 Most Popular Japanese Foods, on my YouTube Channel. :)

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