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The Best Japanese Shampoo And Conditioner Won Beauty Awards in Japan - Kao Asience Meguri

     I think that Shiseido Tsubaki is the most well known Japanese shampoo outside Japan. However, there are so many excellent Japanese hair care products you have never heard of. Most Japanese products only sell in Japan and reviews are written in Japanese, so for people who don't understand Japanese language, it's really hard to get information on really popular products of Japan.

     Have you ever heard of Kao Asience Meguri? If you are really into Japanese hair care products, you have perhaps tried traditional Kao Asience already. However, I think that most people outside Japan still don't know that Kao Asience has its superior line, Meguri. It's really popular hair care products in Japan, and many Japanese people reviews that Meguri truly improves their hair texture! If you have thick Asian hair like me, you might want to try this product. :) Even though Meguri is more expensive than regular hair care products, it is more affordable than ones Japanese professional hair salons sell. You can find Meguri hair care products at most drugstores in Japan.  Anyway, I'm going to share this excellent hair care product with you. :)
Kao Asience Meguri

        Meguri has so many positive reviews on Amazon Japan and @cosme, a Japanese cosmetic review site. Meguri was selected the best hair care awards by more than 13 beauty and women's magazines in Japan!
Kao Asience Meguri

      Meguri suggest three hair care steps, cleansing, softening, and deep conditioning.

Step 1 : Meguri Inner Cleansing Shampoo
300 ml
1080 yen
Kao Asience Meguri Shampoo
       Meguri shampoo contains cleansing succinic acid, which was obtained from amber. Succinic acid helps to remove unnecessary calcium from the inside of hair. It changes the texture of your hair. 

How to Use Meguri Inner Cleansing Shampoo
      Apply it on your wet scalp. Massage your scalp on your fingers, and shampoo your entire hair. Rise it thoroughly.

      You can choose Meguri shampoo from three kinds of aroma. Pink one has lavender & lemongrass scent. Yellow one has bergamot & neroli scent. Green one has geraniums & mint scent.
Kao Asience Meguri Shampoo

Step 2 : Meguri Dense Jelly
1080 yen
Kao Asience Meguri Dense Jelly

      Meguri created a new approach to improve your hair. Meguri Dense Jelly has softening succinic acid which makes your hair softer and ready to absorb deep conditioner better.   

How to Use Meguri Dense Jelly
      After shampooing, remove excess water from your hair. Apply Meguri Dense Jelly your entire hair. Spread it beginning about halfway down the shaft and moving towards the tips of your hair. Then, massage your hair gently. Do not rinse.

      This Kao Official video shows how to apply Meguri Dense Jelly.

Step 3 : Inner Supply Hair Pack (Deep Conditioning Mask)
Kao Asience Meguri Inner Supply Hair Pack

     Meguri Inner Supply Hair Pack is deep conditioning mask. It's rich and creamy hair serum and makes your hair smooth and shine.

How to Use Meguri Inner Supply Hair Pack
     After applying Meguri Dense Jelly (Do not rinse.), apply Meguri Inner Supply Hair Pack over Dense Jelly on your hair. Leave it on for 5 minutes. Then, rinse it thoroughly.

     Meguri Inner Supply Hair Pack has two types, Strong & Shine (弾力 x ツヤやか) and Moist & Smooth (うるおい x なめらか).
Meguri Inner Supply Hair Pack Strong & Shine

Meguri Inner Supply Hair Pack Moist x Smooth

Meguri Trial Size
5 time worth
Meguri Trial Size Relax
   Meguri also sells trial size sets, which contain 5 time worth of Meguri Shampoo, Dense Jelly and Hair Pack (Strong & Shine). You can choose from three kinds of Meguri shampoo. Compared to going to hair salon, I think that it's pretty reasonable. :)
Meguri Trial Size Reset

Meguri Trial Size Refresh

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  1. I want to try this! Which scent do you recommend trying first?

    1. All three kinds of scents are almost equally popular. I always love lavender scent, so I would choose pink one. :)

  2. I have been looking every where but I can't find it T-T

    1. If you are in Japan, you can find it at drugstores such as Matsumotokiyoshi (マツモトキヨシ), and you can also find it at supermarkets such as Aeon (イオン).

      If you live in the U.S, you can find Meguri Shampoo on Amazon US and Ebay.

      I hope this helps you.

    2. Thank you! I'm in Kochi so I will check out the Aeon. Our drug stores down here don't have this :(