Thursday, August 27, 2015


     Unagi is a Japanese freshwater eel. Japanese people eat unagi during summer especially on the Midsummer Day of the Ox, which is called Doyo Ushi No Hi (土用丑の日) in Japanese. Because unagi has a lot of nutrition, including vitamin A, B, D, E, iron and calcium people eat unagi to maintain health during very hot summer days. The Midsummer Day of the Ox of 2015 was July 24 and August 5, so my husband and I bought frozen grilled unagi at Japanese supermarket and made grilled unagi bowl on July 24.
Unagi Don, Japanese Eel Bowl
        These days, unagi has been more and more expensive in Japan. We were lucky that we bought this pack of frozen grilled unagi for about $10, which was very reasonable for it.

       We also bought this Kikkoman Unagi Sauce among with frozen grilled unagi at a Japanese supermarket. Our grilled unagi had been already seasoned, so we didn't need this sauce much. However, this sauce is perfect for seasoning chicken bowl and yakitori. Just grill small pieces of chicken and onion, and season with Unagi Sauce. Add green onion if desired.   

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