Tuesday, January 31, 2017

A Package from My Mother-In-Law - It's from Japan!

       As I mentioned in my previous entry, a few days ago, my husband and I just received a package which my mother-in-law sent from Japan. On that day, I told him, "I thought that she emailed me that she had sent some packages to us, but all items she mentioned are in this package, so I think I misunderstood what she said."  However, yesterday, we received another package! He told me, "You're right. She sent two packages!"  The package was filled with a lot of Japanese foods. She is very kind, and I thought that she really misses my husband (and maybe me).  Anyway, I'm going to share with you 10 Japanese foods she sent from Japan.

1. Myojo Charumera Instant Noodles (明星 チャルメラ)
Myojo Charumera Instant Noodles
     Myojo Charumera instant noodles were first released in 1966 and were the long-selling instant noodles in Japan. This is champon, a noodle dish that is a regional cuisine of Nagasaki. 

2. Marutai Nagasaki Agodashi Soy Sauce Ramen (マルタイ 長崎  あごだし入り醤油ラーメン)
Marutai Nagasaki Agodashi Soy Sauce Ramen
      When we saw this instant ramen in her package, we were really excited! As I mentioned in my previous entry, he purchased Marutai Nagasaki Agodashi Soy Sauce Ramen in Tokyo two months ago, and  this is currently the most our favorite instant ramen! You can check out my previous entry, Review - Marutai Nagasaki Agodashi Soy Sauce Ramen.

3. Acecook Instant Harusame Soup (エースコック  スープはるさめ) 
      This is instant soup with bean thread noodles. Bean thread noodles are called harusame (はるさめ) in Japan. Acecook makes many kinds of instant harusame soup, and I really love their soup. You can find their soup at supermarkets and drugstores in Japan.

4. Instant Wakame and Vegetable Soup 
Instant Wakame and Vegetable Soup
     This contain 10 packs of instant wakame and vegetable soup produced in Shimane prefecture.

5. String Agar for Soup (スープ用  糸寒天)
String Agar for Soup
     This is dried string agar. We had never used it before. Last night, we added a small amount of it into our egg soup, and we loved it. It is rich in fiber and is very low calories.
Egg Soup with String Agar

 6. Dried Sea Lettuce, Aosa (あおさ)
Dried Sea Lettuce, Aosa
      Dried sea lettuce, which is called aosa (あおさ) in Japanese, looks like dried wakame, but they are not same and taste so different. We will add aosa into miso soup.

7. Dried Wakame (乾燥わかめ)
Dried Wakame
     Wakame is an essential ingredient for making miso soup. :)

8. Hagoromo Sardines, Simmered Sardines (はごろも いわし  ごまみそ煮&醤油味)
Hagoromo Sardines, Simmered Sardines
     Hagoromo is the largest Japanese food manufacture company was established in 1931. They make many kinds of retort foods, cans, pasta and etc. These are retort simmered sardines. I've had cans of simmered sardines in Japan but haven't had retort ones before. I think these taste good. :) 

    This is simmered sardines were seasoned with soy sauce.
Hagoromo Sardines Seasoned with Soy Sauce

      This simmered sardines were seasoned with sesame miso pastes.
Hagoromo Sardines Seasoned with Sesame Miso Pastes

9. Shio Konb, Salted Dried Kelp (塩昆布)
Shio Konb, Salted Dried Kelps
        Shio konbu is salted dried kelp. I will make rice balls with steamed white rice and shio konbu.

10. Sweetened Peeled Chestnuts (栗の渋皮煮)
Sweetened Peeled Chestnuts
     This is a retort pouch of sweetened peeled chestnuts. In Japan, it is told that women love sweet potatoes, chestnuts and pumpkins. This is sweetened simmered chestnuts. I'm eating some right now. They're so delicious! :)))

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