Monday, May 29, 2017

My Sunday Breakfast - Traditional Japanese Breakfast

      Many years ago, my Taiwanese friend asked me if I eat fish and miso soup every morning because she watched Japanese TV shows and Japanese serial drama which showed Japanese people eat those for breakfast. Yes, some traditional Japanese hotels, which called ryokan (旅館) in Japanese, serve traditional Japanese style breakfast including miso soup and broiled fish. However, in real life, Japanese people don't eat fish as often as she thought. Although some people in Japan eat miso soup every morning. When I was a child, my family had miso soup almost everyday, but we only ate fish several times a month. Actually, now I usually eat bread for breakfast, but sometimes I feel like eating something traditional Japanese style breakfast once in a while. That's why I had fresh white rice with these for breakfast yesterday (but no fish and miso soup this time). I'm going to share what I had for breakfast yesterday with you.

        The soup was instant matsutake soup, which my mother-in-law sent to me from Japan. By the way, matsutake is Japanese mushrooms which grow under trees of Japanese pine.
Instant Matsutake Soup

    I just added hot water into it.

     It was so delicious and had excellent matsutake aroma! :) It had sliced matsutake and mitsuba leaves.  
Matsutake Soup

      I also had simmered zenmai which I cooked last Saturday. Zenmai is a Japanese flowering fern, which is edible wild vegetable and eaten in some Asian countries including Japan. You can check out my previous entry, How to Cook Simmered Zenmai, Japanese Flowering Fern.
Simmered Zenmai

     My mother-in-law sent takanazuke, Japanese mustard leaf pickles, to me. Yesterday, I cooked takanazuke. I really love takanazuke because it was perfect with fresh steamed white rice. :) You can check out my yesterday's entry, How to Prepare Takanazuke, Japanese Mustard Leaf Pickles.

     The tea was genmaicha, Japanese green tea with roasted brown rice. It was nice and savory. :) You can check out my previous entry, Genmaicha, Japanese Green Tea with Roasted Brown Rice.

      It was light breakfast. It was one serving of white rice with just one cup of soup, a side dish, a small amount of pickles and green tea. It's just perfect enough for breakfast.

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