Wednesday, May 24, 2017

5 Japanese Products I Purchased From Amazon Japan - Beauty, Kitchen Items and More

     I ordered some Japanese products from Amazon Japan weeks ago, and I asked my mother-in-law, who lives in Japan, for a favor of sending them with her packages to me next time. It was my first time to ask her a personal favor, and I tried to order as light items as possible to save shipping fee. I thank her so much. As I mentioned in my yesterday's entry, I finally received the packages yesterday. Today, I'm going to share what I ordered form Amazon Japan with you. By the way, all of them I listed below are made in Japan. :)  

1. Awa Hour
1080 yen
Made in Japan
You can also find it at Tokyu Hands and Loft in Japan.
Awa Hour
      Awa Hour is a popular beauty gadget to lather up facial wash. As I mentioned in my previous entry, 3 Best Japanese Beauty Gadgets to Lather Up Your Facial Wash, most Japanese women believe that washing your face with plenty of lather is the most important tip for healthy skin. Awa Hour has been featured as one of the most useful beauty gadgets on some Japanese TV shows, and it has been on many beauty magazines as well. It has a great number of positive reviews on Amazon Japan and @cosme, a huge Japanese cosmetic review site. Daiso Japan also sells similar one, but I chose Awa Hour because some Japanese people review that Awa Hour is more expensive but it's better quality than Daiso one. Since Awa Hour is made in Japan, I thought that it must be durable and better quality. Because I lather up my facial wash every day, I though I should purchase one lasts longer. :)  
Awa Hour
      I used Awa Hour and really love it! :)  I will review on this product in my future entry
Awa Hour

2. OH:E Awayuki Extra Soft
540 yen
Made in Japan
OH:E Awayuki
      Awayuki is body wash cloth made by OH:E company. Awayuki has 7 types of body wash cloth and this white Awayuki is extra soft one. I found that this product has so many positive reviews on Amazon Japan. Many people review that this is the most gentle wash cloth ever and creates a fine lather very easily. In the U.S., Salux is the most well known Japanese body wash cloth, but if truth be told, most people in Japan have never heard of Salux. I think Salux is good quality, but it's only popular outside Japan. Many Japanese companies make many kinds of body wash cloth in Japan, so you can find perfect body wash cloth for your skin and preference there. 
OH:E Awayuki

3. Naotaro Moriyama Daikessakusen 
2684 yen
Daikessakusen by Naotaro Moriyama
      This is Daikessakusen (大傑作撰), a music album by Naotaro Moriyama. As I mentioned in my previous entry, when the spring has come, I often listen to Sakura (さくら), a song by Naotaro Moriyama (森山直太朗). The song was released in Japan in 2003, and since then it has been chosen as a Japanese choral music by many schools. This album has 15 songs including Sakura.

1. Natsu No Owari (夏の終わり)
2. Ikiteirukoto Ga Tsurainara (生きていることが辛いなら)
3. Dokomokashikomo Cyushajo (どこもかしこも駐車場)
4. Hana (花)
5. Wakamonotachi (若者たち)
6. Kazahana (風花)
7. Itoshi Kimie (愛し君へ)
8. Folk Wa Boku Ni Yasashiku Katarikaketekuru Tomodachi (フォークは僕に優しくかたりかけてくる友達)
9. Aa (嗚呼)
10. Chisana Koi No Yumagure (小さな恋の夕間暮れ)
11. Taiyo (太陽)
12. Sakura (さくら)
13. Hibi (日々)
14. Ikitoshi Ikerumonoe (生きとし生ける物へ)
15. Niji (虹)

4. Marna Osakana Sponge Long
262 yen
Made in Japan
You can also find it at Tokyu Hands and Loft in Japan.
Marna Osakana Sponge Long
      I really like products made by Marna. Osakana Sponge (おさかなスポンジ) is one of Marna's best selling products, so I wanted to try one. I specifically chose Long one to wash a tall glass. Many people reviews that Marna sponges are very durable and easy to wash dishes. By the way, Marna's Piggy Steamer and Stand Rice Paddle are also popular in Japan.
Marna Osakana Sponge Long
    By the way, oskana in Japanese means fish.
Marna Osakana Sponge Long
      Osakana Sponge can stand with its tail. :)  
Marna Osakana Sponge Long

5. OH:E Bunny Sponge
146 yen
Made in Japan
OH:E Bunny Sponge
        I also fond that this bunny sponge made by OH:E company has positive reviews on Amazon Japan. This sponge is durable and very cute!
OH:E Bunny Sponge

OH:E Bunny Sponge
       While doing dishes with this sponge, I feel like I am working with this adorable bunny. :) I really enjoy doing dishes now. :)  Her ears and tiny feet is perfect to wash narrow spots like cold cup lids.
OH:E Bunny Sponge

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  1. What do you think of the Sharp Plasma Cluster (I think that's what it is in katakana?) styler? I saw stylist Watanabe Yoshiaki use it and I still want it even though it doesn't straighten like a Nanoe. It looks like it straightens just enough for my rush mornings!!

    1. Sharp Plasma Cluster Styler can eliminate static from your hair with their Plasma Cluster +- ion, so it can make frizzy hair calm down. On the other hand, Panasonic Nanoe ones can moisturize your hair with their Nanoe technology, so it also makes frizzy hair calm down. Both of them have positive reviews, but Panasonic ones (EH-KN97 and EH-KN77) are way more popular than Sharp one in Japan. Sharp Plasma Cluster Styler has very few reviews for now (I think it's because Sharp one just released last year.), so I still cannot evaluate how good it actually is. If I were you, I would choose Panasonic one because of a great number of its positive reviews, but if you are interested in Sharp one, you can try it. Sharp and Panasonic always make excellent products.

    2. You can also check out their official YouTube videos (in Japanese though).

      Sharp Plasma Cluster Styler

      Pansonic Nanocare EH-KN97

      Pansonic Nanocare EH-KN77