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3 Reasons Why I Love Awa Hour, the Best Japanese Beauty Gadget!

Awa Hour
          As I mentioned in my previous entry, 3 Best Japanese Beauty Gadgets to Lather Up Your Facial Wash, Since Awa Hour was released in Japan in 2014, it has been featured as one of the most useful beauty gadgets on some Japanese TV shows, and it has been on many beauty magazines as well. Awa Hour has a great number of positive reviews on Amazon Japan and @cosme, a huge Japanese cosmetic review site. 
Awa Hour
       I finally decided to purchase Awa Hour two months ago. I couldn't resist trying this product because of its excellent reviews. Since then, I have used it every day and I really love this new Japanese beauty gadget! This is obviously the best purchase I've ever made. :) Today, I'm going to share three reasons why I love Awa Hour with you.

1. Improves Quality of Lather 
    You can create plenty of extremely thick foam like whipped heavy cream with Awa Hour in 20 seconds! According to Awa Hour, it can make 7 times denser lather than a traditional foaming net does. Micro-fine dense lather reaches deep into pores and removes dirt and oil. Washing your face with plenty of thick lather is very important to keep your skin healthy. You can check my previous entry, Two Important Things You Should Know to Wash Your Face - Japanese Beauty Secrets!
Awa Hour

2. Save Money on Facial Cleanser
      You can use any types of your favorite facial cleanser such as bar, paste and powder. You can lather up with bit of cleansing product, so you don't have to use excess amount of it. If you are using luxury facial cleanser, you can end up saving a lot of money. Using less amount of cleanser is also gentle to the skin.
Rosette Pasta

3. Made in Japan Quality
     The main reason why I chose Awa Hour rather than any other imitation products is that Awa Hour is made in Japan. I know that quality of made-in-Japan products always win. It's just made of  plastic, but it's not cheaply made. You know cheap plastic brakes easily. Awa Hour has about 800 reviews in Japanese on Amazon Japan and @cosme. I cannot read all reviews, but as far as I know, nobody mentions that it breaks. Amazon US has an imitation product, Micro Bubble Former Jack Chloe, which doesn't exist in Japan, and I think that Jack Chloe is Not made in Japan. I also found that Microb Bcbformer Awa Hour on Amazon US is Not authentic one, so be careful when you buy one online. The authentic one is Micro Bubble Former Awa Hour and the price should never be under $10. In Japan, Awa Hour is 1080 yen. 
Awa Hour

      Overall, I'm really satisfied with this product. Even though it was pretty expensive (it was 1080 yen on Amazon Japan), it's the best purchase I've ever made. I enjoy creating thick fine lather with Awa Hour every day, and it became one of my essential Japanese beauty gadgets!

      If you are interested in Awa Hour, you can find ones at Tokyu Hands and Loft in Japan. You might find ones at some drugstores in Japan as well.  If you live outside Japan, you can find it on Amazon US and eBay, but be careful when you purchase one online. (There are some fake products online.)

     I'll write about how to use Awa Hour next time. :) By the way, this Japanese charcoal soap smelled so good to me! It had hinoki, cypress, scent. :)
Awa Hour

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