Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Best Japanese Beauty Products of 2015

      Today, I read a Japanese beauty article, Best Beauty Products of 2015 by Steady, which is one of popular Japanese beauty and fashion magazines. I'm going to share with you which products were chosen as the best products this year.

■■■Best Makeup Removers■■■
      Fancl Mild Cleansing Oil has been very popular in Japan. According to Steady, it has been sold every 7 seconds! Also, this cleansing oil was selected the best makeup remover award by @cosme.

■■■Best Facial Cleansing Products■■■
     Biore is a brand of Kao, one of the biggest cosmetic companies in Japan. Now, you can find Biore in many countries, but Japanese version of Biore is pretty gentle to your skin.
     Shiseido Perfect Whip has been my all-time favorite facial cleansing product as I mentioned in my previous entries.

■■■Best Moisturizing Toners■■■

       SK-II is a very high-end brand, and I've heard that it works very well. This 160 ml of lotion is 7000 yen in Japan and $70 in the U.S.

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