Thursday, March 30, 2017

Naotaro Moriyama, Japanese Singer-Songwriter

    Spring is the best season to travel in Japan because you can see beautiful sakuras, cherry blossoms, every where in Japan. When the spring has come, I often listen to Sakura (さくら), a song by Naotaro Moriyama (森山直太朗). The song was released in Japan in 2003, and since then it has been chosen as a Japanese choral music by many schools. I heard that cherry blossoms has finally started blooming in Japan this week. :)

Sakura - Naotaro Moriyama

     Last night, I thought that I should purchase his music album because I love many of his songs. I found that in this video, Naotaro Moriyama shows how he had made his music album, Ougon No Kokoro (黄金の心), from scratch. :) According to his video, he had made the albums with very unique ways in a traditional Japanese house. :)

        However, this album, Ougon No Kokoro, doesn't include Sakura, so I would like to purchase another his album, Daikessakusen (大傑作選), which has many of his best songs such as Sakura (さくら) and Itoshi Kimie (愛し君へ).

     Daikessakusen (大傑作選) also includes this song, Dokomokashikomo Chushajo (どこもかしこも駐車場), which means parking lots are everywhere. The lyrics are very simple, but after watching his music video, I thought the song tells a lot. 

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