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3 Best Japanese Beauty Gadgets to Lather Up Your Facial Wash

      Most Japanese women believe that washing your face with plenty of lather is the most important tip for healthy skin. As I mentioned in my previous entry, Two Important Things You Should Know to Wash Your Face - Japanese Beauty Secrets!, if you directly put your facial cleanser onto your skin and rubbing, it might irritate your skin. Japanese cosmetic companies and beauty magazines always recommend to wash your face without rubbing. Washing your face with plenty of lather is the most gentle way to clean your face.

     Today, I'm going to share with you three Japanese beauty gadgets to lather up your facial wash. :)  

1. Japanese Foaming Net
100yen to 500yen
Can be purchased at Daiso, Muji, drugstores, supermarkets and etc in Japan.
Japanese Foaming Net
     I use a Japanese foaming net to lather up my facial cleanser every day. Even when I go to travel, I always take my own foaming net with me. It's one of my must-have beauty items. :) It's quick and easy to get plenty of lather. You can check out my previous entry, Top 5 Life-Changing Japanese Beauty Products.

2. Awa Hour (あわわ)
1080 yen
Can be purchased at Tokyu Hands and Loft in Japan
Awa Hour Micro Bubble Former
        A few years ago, Awa Hour, a new facial wash gadget, was released from Fuji, a Japanese company which has been creating miscellaneous goods including beauty gadgets since 1976. Awa Hour was first released in 2014. Since then, it has been featured as one of the most useful beauty gadgets on some Japanese TV shows, and it has been on many beauty magazines as well. Awa Hour has a great number of positive reviews on Amazon Japan and @cosme, a huge Japanese cosmetic review site. As I mention before, most Japanese women have used Japanese foaming nets, but many people review that this was far beyond their expectation! You can create extremely thick foam like whipped heavy cream with Awa Hour in 20 seconds! While a foaming net won't last forever (Because it's a net, it will be worn out after a year of use.), Awa Hour can last so much longer. Many people reviews that it's very fun to make foam with it, and some people use it to lather up shampoo and body wash as well. 
Awa Hour

    This is the official Awa Hour video, How to Make Rich Lather with Awa Hour.

        Many Japanese people say that a Japanese foaming net made a skincare revolution for women in Japan, and Awa Hour is the second revolutionary facial wash gadget. Indeed, I'm thinking about purchasing it now. :)

3. Daiso Japan Facial Cleansing Foam Maker Whippurun (ほいっぷるん)
100 yen
Can be purchased at Daiso Japan.
Daiso Japan Facial Cleansing Foam Maker
     After Awa Hour, Daiso Japan started selling this facial wash foamer in 2016, and it is one of the best-selling Daiso beauty products now. While Awa Hour is 1080 yen, Daiso one is only 100 yen and can lather up facial wash as well. Because this is extremely popular now, it is often sold out at Daiso in Japan!
Daiso Japan Facial Cleansing Foam Maker

Awa Hour vs Daiso Foam Maker
       Many Japanese people review that Awa Hour is better quality than Daiso one. Awa Hour can create larger amount of thick lather, and can lather up quicker than Daiso one. Many Japanese women use it one to two times a day, so if you use it every day, I think Awa Hour is not expensive at all. 


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