Friday, October 30, 2015

Top 3 Most Popular Japanese Eyelash Curlers

       Have you ever tried Japanese eyelash curlers? Even though I am Japanese and lived in Japan for most of my life, I didn't know that Japanese eyelash curlers are also very poplar outside Japan until I moved to the U.S. Because nearly 99% of population of Japan are Japanese, many Japanese eyelash curlers are perfect for Asian eyes. I think the most important thing to find the best eyelash curler is finding one which fits your eyelids' shape perfectly.

       Today, I searched the current best eyelash curlers in Japan, so I am going to share top 3 most popular ones with you. These three products were chosen based on Japanese women's reviews on @cosme, a huge Japanese cosmetic review site. I am pretty surprised that all top 3 are Shiseido products while a lot of other Japanese companies have been making eyelash curlers!  

No.1  Shiseido Maquillage Edge Free Eyelash Curler
Shiseido Maquillage Edge Free Eyelash Curler
       Maquillage is one of high-end brands of Sheseido. Some Japanese people have reviewed that Maquillage eyelash curler is slightly less curve than Shiseido 213, so it perfectly fits their eyes and works better than any other eyelash curlers! If you have ever tried Shiseido 213, but it still pinches your eyes, this Maquillage eyelash curler might work for you. The only downside is that they don't sell its refill, but some Japanese people say that Shiseido eyelash curler refill fits it perfectly. :)   

No.2  Shiseido Eyelash Curler

Shiseido Eyelash Curler
        This eyelash curler also has a lot of positive reviews on Japanese cosmetic review site. Some people review that it creates perfectly curved eyelashes from roots. While Shiseido 213 creates gentle natural curved eyelashes, this eyelash curler creates doll-like eyelashes. If you have shorter eyelashes, this might perfect for you. You can find its refill easily.

No.3  Shiseido Eyelash Curler 213
Shiseido Eyelash Curler 213
      This is the most affordable Shiseido eyelash curler, and its refill is also inexpensive. If you replace the rubber periodically, it will work like brand new for more than 20 years. :) Even though Maquillage one ranked the currently most popular eyelash curler in Japan, this Shiseido 213 is one of the longest-selling products of Shiseido and have an incredibly number of reviews. I also purchased this when I was a teen, and it still works for me. :)  

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