Thursday, August 13, 2015

The Best Japanese Hair Dryer, Panasonic Nano Care Hair Dryer

      About 14 years ago, I was looking for the best hair dryer which allows my hair dry faster. At that time, negative air ionization therapy was in the middle of a fad in Japan. Many manufactures in Japan created negative ion products such as home air conditioners and hair dryers. Panasonic started selling ionity hair dryers in 2001 and soon became very popular in Japan. Their hair dryer emits negative ions, which moisturizes surface of hairs. It was pretty pricey back then, but I purchased it and was very surprised that it did not only dry my hair faster, but my hair texture also improved a lot with using it. When I went on vacation, I always took my Panasonic hair dryer because I didn't want to use cheap hair dryer which hotel supplied.

      After 6 years or so, my favorite Panasonic dryer finally broke, and I found my best hair dryer, Panasonic nanoe hair dryer. This is the best hair dryer I've ever used.

     Even though it was even more expensive and heavier than ionity hair dryer, it had so many positive reviews in Japan. I understood why people love this nanoe hair dryer as soon as using it. It dried my hair faster and made my hair smooth and soft. It was actually far beyond my expectation! Nanoe moisturizes your hair inside and out and make your hair shiny and beautiful. Obviously, it was the best hair dryer I've ever used!

     Panasonic have been making more and more effective hair dryers. I look forward to their next one which will come out end of this month. :))    

      If you buy Japanese hair dryer and use it in the U.S., you have to know the voltage difference between Japan and U.S. The voltage in the U.S. is 110-120V, but the voltage in Japan is 100V. You might think you need to buy a transformer. However, I have never experienced any trouble with using Japanese electronics in the U.S. I think it's because the voltage difference between U.S. and Japan is little.


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  1. Nanoe is the best!! I followed your recommendation, and I'm glad I did! When my mom and my friends asked, "What is your boyfriend getting you for Christmas?" I said, "A hairdryer!" They looked at me funny!! The Panasonic Nanoe is a game changer! It's the *one* hairdryer that gets to a temperature high enough to straighten my thick hair, and it *never* turned off on me! 10 minutes, thick Asian hair, done even on the busiest mornings. Thank you for your blog! It's so helpful! There's not enough Japanese beauty blogs in English (or atleast, with minimal kanji for me, hehe), and I appreciate that!

    1. I'm glad that you got a Panasonic hairdryer! I think it's the best Japanese hairdryer. Thank you for your comment. :)