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Top 10 Popular Posts from Best Japanese Beauty Products

     I've sometimes shared with you some popular Japanese products which have many positive reviews in Japan through my blog. Today, I checked one of my blog labels, Best Japanese Beauty Products, which is all about excellent Japanese beauty products. The label has 30 entries now, and I noticed that some of them have high traffic. It was very interesting for me since I used to believe that most Japanese beauty products weren't well known outside Japan. Even though some products are highly rated in Japan, the reviews are written in Japanese. If you don't understand Japanese language, it's pretty hard to get much information on most Japanese products. That's why I've sometimes written about what popular beauty products in Japan are and shared my experiences in English to spread the best Japanese products around the world. :) By knowing the high access entries, I was also able to know that what kinds of Japanese products people are searching for information on and interested in. 

   Today, I'm going to share with you my popular entries from the label, Best Japanese Beauty Products. I hope you enjoy these entries. :)

No.1  The Best Japanese Shampoo & Conditioner
    I wrote about popular Japanese shampoo and conditioner years ago. This was the first entry in the label, Best Japanese Beauty Products, and many people have visited to this entry since I posted it. When I was writing this entry, I didn't know that Japanese hair products are so popular outside Japan.
Ichikami (いち髪)

No.2  Top 5 Japanese Sunscreen Products
     I think Japanese sunscreen is the best in the world. :)
Biore Sarasara Uv Aqua Rich Sunscreen Spf50+ Pa+++

 No.3  5 Best Japanese Deep Conditioning Hair Masks
      Japanese hair mask is also popular just like Japanese shampoo.
Shiseido Fino Premium Touch Hair Mask

No.4  Top 3 Daiso Beauty Products
      Daiso has been rapidly expanding oversea these years. Some of their beauty products are actually gems! My other Daiso entries have also high traffic.
Daiso Japan Everbilena Eyebrow Coat

No.5  5 Best Japanese Facial Lotion (Toner), Kesyou-sui  
      I posted this entry this year, and this is already ranked number 5 in the label. Applying kesyou-sui is very important for Japanese women. When I moved to the U.S., I realized that it is one of unique Japanese beauty routines. That's why when I was writing it, I didn't expected that so many people would visit this entry.   
Kose Sekkisei Lotion

No.6  Top 5 Most Popular Japanese Charcoal Soap 
      Charcoal is popular in Japan. It's not only used for beauty products, but it is also used in kitchen.
Nippon Kodo Deitanseki Soap

No.7  The Best Japanese Hair Dryer, Panasonic Nano Care Hair Dryer
     Because Japanese hair care products are popular, people are also interested in Japanese hair dryer. Seriously, Panasonic Nano Care hair dryer is the best!

Panasonic Nano-e Nano Care Hair Dryer EH-NA95-RP

No.8   The Most Popular Facial Sheet Masks in Japan
      Asian facial sheet masks have been popular these years!
Quality 1st All in One Sheet Mask (50 pcs)

 No.9  Top 5 Most Popular Japanese Bath Salt / Bath Additive Brands 
       Regardless of age and sex, people in Japan take a bath every single night before sleeping. I guess that some people visit this entry after traveling Japan.  
Babb Bath Salts

 No. 10  Top 5 Life-Changing Japanese Beauty Products
       Finally, this entry is about my top 5 life-changing Japanese beauty products. I cannot live with out them. 
Foaming Net

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