Saturday, August 13, 2016

We Removed Wall-to-Wall Carpet in Our Master Bedroom!

      As I mentioned in my previous entry, my husband and I finally started installing laminate flooring this weekend! Installing the flooring in our master bedroom is our first priority (We will install laminate flooring in our master bedroom, second bedroom, hallway and living room.). Since we purchased this small condominium a month ago, we haven't slept in this room because this room was a place for painting cabinet doors and drawers. Because of that, we have to sleep in our living room now. :P

     First, we removed the wall-to-wall carpet. It was pretty easy to cut the carpet with a carpet knife!

     It was not too heavy! :) 

      Removing the underlayment was also very easy! :)

     Then, we clean the dust.

     Removing the tack strips and nails was incredibly hard! It took us hours!

     This is our first laminate floor installation project, so we think it will take longer than people usually do. Because installing laminate flooring makes a lot of noise,  we will only do it during daytime on weekends. We hope we can sleep in our master bedroom from this month. :)

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