Thursday, August 11, 2016

Real Estate in Japan vs U.S.

      About a year ago, my husband and I seriously started thinking about purchasing our own home here in the U.S. because our apartment rental price increases every year, and some people advised us to purchase our own home if we could. Actually, we had never thought about having own home in the U.S. because we used to think it wouldn't be a good idea for us.
     When I was a little in Japan, Japanese asset price bubble collapsed, and Japanese economy's decline has continued since then. After you buy a house in Japan, the price of your house usually decreases year after year, so buying house is considered as once in a lifetime shopping. That's why people in Japan buy their own house only when they think they will live in their house forever. Since we have never settled down in one place, we thought having own home was not our option from our point of view as Japanese.

     However, we noticed that as apartment price goes up, housing price also goes up. Unlike Japan, buying own home as early as possible might be a smart idea here, and buying home is not considered as once in a lifetime shopping in the U.S. That's why we decided to buy our home here. (If we lived in Japan now, we probably wouldn't buy our home though unless we settle down in one place.)  We don't know how many years we will live in this home, but we think we won't live here forever. We will renovate our dated home little by little and make this place to live in comfort. :)

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