Monday, August 1, 2016

Before & After Painting - Master Bathroom Vanity Cabinet

     It's been three weeks since my husband and I purchased our first small condominium. As soon as we got a key for our home, we started painting all cabinets. We expected that we would finish painting in a week, but it took more than that! He has been too busy for his work even after work and weekends this year, so I did most of paints. I used 5 gallons of primer and paint for my painting project (an entrance door, fireplace, two bathroom vanities, kitchen cabinets, wet bar vanity and more of cabinets )!

     Anyway, we just put back our master bathroom vanity cabinet together yesterday. :)

     This is the photo of the before painting. I took this photo on the day we got the key for this home. It was a very dated oak vanity cabinet.

      This is the photo I took today. I painted it white. This was my first painting project, so it's not perfect, but I am satisfied with the result. It looks very fresh and feels cleaner. :) We would like to renovate more this vanity (and the entire bathroom!) in the future though.
After Painting

      The previous hinges which were attached the cabinet originally were bronze, which were not too bad, but some of them were pretty worn out (They are probably over 20 years old!). That's why we decided to purchase new hinges. I think changing hinges made a huge difference. :)  

       We attached new cabinet bumpers each door to minimize closing noise. 

       I placed shelf liner, Con-Tact Premium Shelf Liner, inside the cabinet and drawers to protect from stain and water leaks just in case. The inside of the dated oak cabinet was not very good condition and so ugly, but painting the inside white and placing the liner made it new and clean look. :) 

    Now, we need to decide cabinet hardware. Originally, the cabinets didn't have any pulls or knobs, but we would like to add those for a new look. There are many different options we can choose from... 

    Which ones should we choose...?

     We haven't finished putting back other cabinets together such as a kitchen, wet bar and etc, so after finishing all of them we will decide which style we like.

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