Thursday, August 4, 2016

Top 3 Affordable Japanese Eyeshadows

    When I lived in Japan, I tried so many Japanese makeups. After I graduated from college, I started using high-end makeups because I used to believe that high-end ones were always better. However, after 6 years or so, I tried affordable one which I purchased at drugstore because the packaging was so cute. As soon as I used it, I was impressed at that product. It had grate pigmentation and amazing texture, so I realized that affordable makeups have been improving year after year! I've found some my favorite affordable Japanese eyeshadows such as Visee and Integrate since then. :) After moving to the U.S., my Taiwanese friend asked me what I used for my eye makeup. I though that she didn't know Japanese affordable makeup brands, but she told me that those Japanese makeups were also pretty popular in Taiwan!

    Today, I'm going to share top 3 affordable Japanese eyeshadows with you. Compared to U.S. drugstore makeups, Japanese affordable ones are still expensive (around 1500yen), but packaging of Japanese makeups is not cheaply made, and it won't break usually. I had problem with the package of U.S. drugstore makeups which brakes after months of use. Anyway, if you are planning on visiting Japan, you can find these products listed below at drugstores in Japan.  

No.1 CANMAKE by IDA Laboratories
     I think CANMAKE is the most well known affordable Japanese makeup brand outside Japan. Indeed, their makeups are more inexpensive than other affordable brands!
     They have many eyeshadow lines, but CANMAKE Perfect Stylist Eyes is currently the most popular one. Actually, I have never tried their products, so when I visit Japan next time, I would like to try one because it's less than 800yen! I heard that some drugstores don't still carry CANMAKE, but you can find ones at Matsumoto Kiyoshi branches, which are famous Japanese drugstores and located in Kanto and Kansai regions mostly.
CANMAKE Perfect Stylist Eyes


No.2 Visee by Kose
    If you love Japanese makeup and skin care products, you probably know Kose. I also mentioned about Kose products many times in my Japanese beauty entries. Kose is one of the biggest Japanese cosmetic companies, and Visee is Kose's affordable makeup line. :)

      The current most popular eyeshadow of Kose Visee is Nudy Rich Eyes. This was selected the Best Eyeshadow Awards by @cosme, a huge Japanese beauty review site, in 2014 and 2015.
Visee Nudy Rich Eyes

Visee Nudy Rich Eyes

No.3 Integrate by Shiseido
    I think Shiseido is the most well known Japanese cosmetic company outside Japan. In the U.S., I think that Shiseido is considered as a high-end Japanese cosmetic and skincare brand. However, if you read my entries related to Japanese beauty products, you probably know that Shiseido makes both high-end and affordable products. Integrate is Shiseido's affordable brand and pretty popular especially among women in their 20s and 30s in Japan. Integrate has some eyeshadow products now. The latest one of Integrate eyeshadow is Integrate Nudy Gradation Eyes, but this Integrate Pure Big Eyes has more reviews that it is beautiful shimmery eyeshadow which can create beautiful eyes. :)  

Shiseido Integrate Pure Big Eyes

Shiseido Integrate Pure Big Eyes

     Next time, I will share popular high-end Japanese eyeshadows with you.

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