Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Our Home Renovation Plan Has Changed

      As I mentioned in my previous entry, my husband and I removed a wall-to-wall carpet to install laminate flooring in our master bedroom last weekend. That's why our master bedroom is empty now. Last night, he told me that we should change the order of our home renovation, and laminate flooring installation in our master bedroom should be postponed until our master bathroom renovation is done. We are planning on hiring contractors to install a new bathtub there, so when they move out old one and move in new one there, it might cause some scratches on new laminate flooring. That's why he told me that we should start our master bathroom renovation before installing laminate flooring.

    These are the order to renovate our home we planed last night. 

1. Painting Cabinets (Finished!)
2. Installing Laminate Flooring in the Second Bed Room (Finished on 9/12, 2016)
3. Renovating the Master Bathroom (Hire Professional)
4. Installing Laminate Flooring in the Master Bed Room
5. Renovating the Guest Bathroom (Hire Professional)
6. Removing Upper Kitchen Cabinet and Installing Recessed Lights (Hire Professional)
7. Installing New Flooring in the Kitchen (Finished in September, 2016)
8. Installing New Refrigerator (Finished in December, 2016)
9. Installing Laminate Flooring in the Hallway
10. Installing Laminate Flooring in the Living Room

      *We also want to do many other things, but we can do them later.

    I told him that we cannot finish all of them this year, but his idea is probably right. Anyway, we will install laminate flooring in the second bedroom this weekend.

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