Saturday, August 6, 2016

Cabinet Hardware Has Arrived!

    As I mentioned in my previous entry, I painted all cabinets in my home and needed to get cabinet hardware then. I had no idea which style I liked, but after seeing many photos on Pinterest and other online shopping sites, I found that I like contemporary style. :) Then, I chose stainless steel t-bar pulls to make my cabinets have modern look.

     T-bar pulls are usually pretty expensive. I checked one at Home Depots and Lowes, and each bar was about $10! I think the best places to purchase it for now are Amazon and Ebay. Amazon sells 25 t-bar pulls for around $45. Ebay sells them at a few dollars cheaper prices. I ordered them from Ebay and finally received so many t-bar pulls today!

     The length of this t-bar is about 8 inches. 

      My husband and I will install them this weekend. :)

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