Friday, August 12, 2016

Before & After Painting All Cabinets

     My husband and I painted all cabinets in our home and finally installed new hinges and pulls this week! I'm going to share with you the photos of the before and painting all cabinets. :)
Kitchen Cabinet Before Painting

Kitchen Cabinet After Painting

Kitchen Cabinet Before Painting

Kitchen Cabinet After Painting
      We didn't install pulls on these cabinet doors because we are thinking about removing this cabinet in the future. It obstructs the light and view.
Kitchen Cabinet After Painting

Before Painting Master Bathroom Vanity
     We finally chose t-bar pulls for drawers too. :)
After Painting Master Bathroom Vanity

Before Painting Guest Bathroom Vanity

After Painting Guest Bathroom Vaniry

Before Painting Cabinets

After Painting Cabinets

After Painting Wet Bar Cabinet

     I also painted an entrance door and fire place. It took us a month to finish our painting project, but I am really satisfied with the result. :) Our next project is installing laminate flooring! :)

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