Wednesday, August 10, 2016

How Much Dose It Cost to Paint Cabinets?

    As I mentioned in my previous entries, I painted kitchen cabinets, two bathroom vanities, wet bar cabinets and etc. I painted cabinets inside and outside including 29 cabinet doors and 12 drawers. I ended up using 5 gallons of primers and paints for my painting project. However, the cost of painting was not only these paints. Getting high quality brush is crucial, and sanding should be done before painting. You know new hinges and pulls make a huge difference. In order to save money for my painting project, I used coupons to purchase most of materials I used for it and submitted some rebates. Today, I'm going to share with you how much it exactly cost for my painting project.    By the way, I didn't really like Valspar Signature paints to paint cabinets because it took weeks to dry paints completely. The color was beautiful though. So, if you want to paint cabinets, I recommend you to get other paints in my honest opinion.
Cost of My Painting Project

2 Gallons of Paint Primers ($26)
3 Gallons of Paints ($88.62) *I got a $20 rebate for purchasing paints.
1 Can Opener ($0.34)
1 Paint Brush ($9.08)
Paint Rollers & Trays ($12.39)
3 Painter's Tapes ($19.05)
Sanding Tools ($41.64) *A sander is a must-have tool for painting project!
TSP ($3.01)
Level ($6.35)
Cabinet Door Bumpers ($2.83) *I used a $10 credit from Home Depot.
Hinges ($59.98)
37 T-Bar Pulls ($64.88) *Cabinet pulls are usually cheaper on Amazon or Ebay.
Cabinet Liners ($37.54)
Coupons ($7) *I purchased Lowes coupons from Ebay in order to purchase most materials and tools with great deals. The coupons ended up saving $105 in total for my purchase!
Others ($13.05)

Total  $391.76

     Does it cost too much? These are some photos of before and after painting.

Bathroom Vanity Before Paint

Kitchen Cabinets Before Paint

Kitchen Cabinets After Paint

    Now, my cabinets have fresh and modern look as if the ugly dated tired oak cabinets were all joke. :) Buying and installing new cabinets cost thousands of dollars, so it's not too shabby to pay $400 to update the look of all cabinets by painting. :)   

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