Friday, August 5, 2016

Top 3 High-End Japanese Eyeshadows

    Yesterday, I shared about top 3 affordable Japanese eyeshadows with you through my blog. If you love fancy high-end makeups, this entry is perfect for you. These are very popular Japanese high-end cosmetic brands which are highly rated by Japanese women. If you are planning on traveling in Japan and love fancy Japanese makeups, you should check them out while you are there. :)

No.1 Aube Couture by Kao
      Kao is one of the biggest Japanese company and was established in 1887. Aube Couture has been very popular cosmetic brand of Kao. Indeed, I used to use Aube eyeshadow when I lived in Japan. This Aube Couture Bright Up Eyes is highly rated and won the Best Eyeshadow Award of 2015 on @cosme, a huge Japanese cosmetic review site.
Aube Couture Bright Up Eyes

     Aube Couture just released their new eyeshadow, Burashi Hitonuri Gradation Shadow (ブラシひと塗りグラデーションシャドウ), two months ago. The meaning of the name is that you can make beautiful gradation eyeshadow finish by just one apply with the brush. It has already so many positive reviews on @cosme. Many people reviewed that these were perfect for busy morning. It's easy to apply, saves your time, and the color is so beautiful.
Burashi Hitonuri Gradation Shadow (ブラシひと塗りグラデーションシャドウ)

     Even though Aubu Couture is high-end makeup brand, it can be purchased at many drugstores in Japan. Each palette is usually 3,800 yen.

Burashi Hitonuri Gradation Shadow (ブラシひと塗りグラデーションシャドウ)

No.2 Maquillage by Shiseido
    Shiseido was established in Tokyo in 1872, and Maquillage is a high-end line of Shiseido. This Maquillage Ture Eyeshadow was selected the Best Eyeshadow Awards by @cosme. Many people reviewed that it has beautiful pigmentation and creates very chic and perfect eye makeup.
Maquillage Ture Eyeshadow
    Maqullage can be also purchased at many drugstores in Japan. Each palette is usually around 3,500 yen.
Maquillage Ture Eyeshadow

 No.3 Lunasol by Kanebo
      Kanebo is also one of very famous Japanese companies. Lunasol is a high-end brand of Kanebo. To me, Lunasol products are too expensive, and I have never purchased it in Japan. Their eyeshadow is usually 5,000 yen and can be purchased only at fancy department stores in Japan. However, their makeups are always highly rated especially their eyeshadows. This Lunasol Skin Modeling Eyes is the most popular Lunasol eyeshadow. It has been selected Best Eyeshadow Awards by @cosme so many times since it was released.

Lunasol Skin Modeling Eyes

     This Lunasol Sparkling Eyes was just released this year and was already selected Best Cosmetic Eyeshadow Award of 2016 by Voce, a Japanese beauty magazine.
Lunasol Sparkling Eyes

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