Sunday, August 28, 2016

Laying Laminate Flooring in Our Second Bedroom

     This weekend, my husband and I finally started laying laminate flooring in our second bedroom. These are Harmonics Camden Oak Laminate Flooring, which we purchased at Costco last month.

      This was our first time to install laminate flooring, and frankly, it was not as easy as we expected at first. However, we got used to it very soon, and we finished laying the flooring in a day. :) 

      We used a laminate floor installation kit which includes a tapping block, a pull bar and spacers. 

     We eventually used 8 boxes of laminate flooring, which was 20.15 square feet per box, in this room with a small closet.
      Next weekend, we will install molding between the walls and floor.  :)

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