Tuesday, August 9, 2016

How to Eat Nagaimo, Yamaimo - Try Unique Japanese Vegetable!

      Have you ever had nagaimo or yamaimo? Nagaimo (長芋) is a type of Japanese yam and is also sometimes called yamaimo (山芋). When you cut yamaimo, you can see it's white and slimy inside. When you grate it, it's super slimy!  This is how to eat yamaimo. :) Grate it, and put soy sauce on it, and eat slimy yamaimo! :) Specifically, grated yamaimo is called tororo (とろろ). You might have ever had tororo soba (とろろ蕎麦, soba noodle with tororo), kaisen tororo don (海鮮とろろ丼, fresh sashimi and tororo on rice bowl), mugitororo gohan (麦とろろ御飯, tororo on wheat and white rice bowl) and etc. Sometimes tororo is used to make okonomiyaki (お好み焼き) because tororo improves the texture of okonomiyaki. You can make fluffy okonomiyaki by adding tororo. Some okonomiyaki flour is already mixed with yamaimo powder to make perfect okonomiyaki.
     Last night, I had grated yamaimo. I added cucumber in it.

    Just put soy sauce and had with fresh steamed rice. :) 

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