Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Josh Woodward and Katie Pederson - My Favorite Regret

    Today, I uploaded my new video, How to Make Creamy Japanese Coffee Flan, on my YouTube Channel. I recorded this video at my previous apartment two months ago. If truth be told, I recorded one more video there and am planning on editing and uploading it next month hopefully. It's been over a month since my husband and I moved into this home, but we don't still have enough time to film new videos because of our home renovations.

    Anyway, this time, I used My Favorite Regret, a song of Josh Woodward and Katie Pederson, as background music for this video. :)

Music - "My Favorite Regret" by Josh Woodward. Free download:


The day that we met
I'll never forget
I knew from the moment she spoke
The she, was destined to be
My favorite regret

And all through the years
The joy and the tears
We shared like as greatest of friends
But she, was destined to be
My favorite regret

Well, each moment we've spent
I've been almost content
Just to talk to her all through the night

But a part of me mourns
What will never be born
She's forever my favorite regret

He's gentle and kind
And totally blind
To not see the life we could lead
And he, is destined to be
My favorite regret

In bad times and good
I've steadfastly stood
My passion just waits to be freed
But he, is destined to be
My favorite regret
Well, I've got more to give
But I'm happy to live
In the shadow, of what could’ve been

But a part of me yearns
Like an ember, it burns
Forever, my favorite regret

One day, when the stars fade
Will the echoes of my love
Arrive to you above
And wake you up at last

I'll take what I've got
Put the rest in a box
Addressed to the stars in the sky
And soon, up there with the moon
My favorite regret
Forever my favorite regret

    Today's Vocabularies
content 【kəntént】: adjective : 満足して

steadfastly 【stɛ́dfæ̀stli】: adverb : 断固たる決心で

freed 【fríd】: past and past participle of free

yearn 【jˈɚːn】: verb : あこがれる、懐かしく思う

ember 【émbɚ】: noun : 残り火

    This is my entries related to my favorite songs.

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